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Thread: Miniatures suggestions.

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    Default Miniatures suggestions.

    Ive started a Dungeons and Dragons campaign with friends and im looking for a decent miniature to use, I only know a little of CMON and i've collected some GamesWorkshop Warhammer plus a couple Reaper miniatures.

    What are some decent site or miniature series I could look for?
    Or even if there are any models you can suggest?

    Looking for a human, heavy armor War Cleric/crusader/paladin. Heavy 2h maul/war hammer/flail. plus 1h mace/shield variant.

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    well as you know about reaper minis, then : dark sword miniatures all the way.
    They are beautiful and made with fantasy rpg games in mind.

    As a secondary: pathfinder minis (made for the pathfinder rpg, but basically same as dnd)
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    You want to check out Red Box Games miniatures. You will find everything you need there (more or less).

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    You might want to look at Hasslefree (, but some of their minis can get a little racy so don't go to the site while at work or with children around as you might have some explaining to do. Their Mother Morrigan (Female Cleric armored up with a 2-H war hammer) or Vissarisa (female elf cleric with hammer and shield, but she is helmeted so could pass for human) might fit your bill.

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    ahh brilliant! thank you for the suggestions. I've found a couple of cool ones already!

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    I agree with Red Box Games miniatures! The company who owns it is better known for Reaper Miniatures.

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    if you're planning on running this campaign for a long time, i'd recommend heroforge. ask each player for their ideas on their character's mini, and ask them to pay for theirs.

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    check out the frostgrave miniature range of Ofprey games.
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