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    Sorry for my belated response, Chaotic! I would certainly be interested in that bust if she might make a copy for me. Feel free to PM me the price either on here on Instagram.

    I really like this latest piece! The basing is imaginative as always and the gobbos are well-painted. Doing something jungle-related is not easy but you have done a great job including convincing foliage and making it all look lush. I'm looking forward to seeing what you tackle next!

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    Thank you all...

    @Graishak, haha, yeah the black plant (it’s dark purple, but doesn’t show in the photo) is far from done, all the plants and minis are all just pinned in place for a photo at the moment, still have a lot to do to the foliage and a few more touch ups on the grots., but won’t be too far away, and I’m still waiting on a couple more bits to arrive for the finishing touches.
    I’m glad you noticed the brightness of the upper grot... I’ve tried to keep the other one a little darker with a cooler tone as it’s will be tucked under the leaves of that plant at the back a bit more... trying a bit of play with the lighting, whether it will look alright when done???? Who knows?

    @kuribo, I will send a message to her and see what she says I’ll let you know.
    well what’s next.... I did today Revisit my khorne bloodreavers I was working on a while back. Am going to continue getting a unit of these finished, 4 of them with a slaughterpriest as the leader (don’t know if this is legal in the AOS rulings??? But will make a damn cool unit I do have a stack of half finished things I need to get cracking with as well...
    but that’s boring lol, so I’ve got a few new things I will start on soon and I have just received a Juan Diaz daemonette seeker which I’m thinking I may do another little diorama with????

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    Hello all,
    I have been working on a lot of projects of late, and have managed to fit in a lot of hobby time so happy days... I will get around to sharing a few of them sooner or later.
    Yesterday I picked up one of those little surprise Space Marine Hero boxes as I’ve thought about getting one for a little while now and figured I could have a bit of fun with it I decided I would paint a pink space marine as a bit of a joke, thinking it could end up being quite funny lol, but as I have moved along with it I really started liking where it was going and have decided I’m going to put a decent effort into it, and being pink I decided on making this guy a Slannesh Space marine as the unhelmeted head just screams Slannesh!!!!
    So after a few hours playing around here is progress thus far!!!!

    Name:  BD73EE19-9C3F-4496-BACA-C196D3BDCBF1.jpeg
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    I’m prettty sure everyone remembers when I once said-“the greatest projects are the ones we see are the ones we have no serious desires for!!!;” great job on the face.

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    Cheers BAM, yeah I’m really starting to enjoy this paint, quite a cool like figure.
    heres a shot of it all together... haven’t started the backpack yet and have only just base coated the arms, but looks a bit better than an armless figure oh and don’t mind that closest shoulder pad, had tried something with that... and failed so it is now a little messy and grainy but hopefully I can sort that out ???

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    At first I was like "what the..." but looking at his face the colors work!
    Keep going, I want to see where this ends up!

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    I agree with horn buddy this figure is going to have and end result as awesome as folks winning lottery tickets.btw no need to explain your skills are way way up there so if something never appears or seems messy or not addressed i always assume your still working on it.

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    This guy somehow reminds me to Yondu Udonta in Guardians of the Galaxy

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    Now that is one seriously bright pink/purple mini, but looking awesome for a Marine of Slaanesh. It is a shame that the blue of the back pack is just the plastic as it kind of clashes nicely with the pink/purple tones

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    I dig this project and the way you’re going. The face looks great. Love the deadness of it, despite the color. Nice.

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    Thank you all...
    nearly at the end of the road with this guy, just got to push the highlights some more and get all the little details and then I shall be calling it done. Oh and have to work the head as well, saving that for last, but here is a horrible picture to show where it’s at currently.

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    Oh wow, great work on this guy! The only issue I would have with this guy is that the eagle on the chest is too nice for a Chaos Marine

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    What a job on this Slaaneshi space marine.

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    That marine is looking great! Love the color choices and the skintone. Along the lines of what Eki was saying, this marine could use some good weathering (I'm sure BAM would agree ). I think it would ramp up the visual interest of the figure to the Nth degree!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaotic Creations View Post
    [...]but here is a horrible picture to show where it’s at currently.
    Name:  09A480DF-7A3D-480A-BE77-61B259015173.jpeg
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    This looks great! You did a nice job on blending out the colors on the face.

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    Quote Originally Posted by metalasmedium View Post
    Interesting piece bro, almost looks like a Borg!

    Ah welcome back bro thanks mate...

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    Really fantastic work on this one! I happen to be a big Emperor's Children fan (I got about halfway done towards painting an army of them in high school which was no small accomplishment for me back then with the bad hobby ADD I had!) and this guy has some really cool unique touches on him. I really like the skin against the pink and purple armor in particular! He looks sickly in the perfect way. I want to see some pictures from the sides and back of him now

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