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    So I’ve immediately regretted going for a bad moon scheme instantly remembered how difficult it is to paint yellow over a black base... but it’s all good, just going to be a few more extra coats to get the coverage and will look a treat when finished ( I hope). Probably should of base coated these areas brown or something first, instead of straight to orange, oh well it’s slowly coming together... been making steady progress, just base coating everything first before I move on to the blending, takes a bit of time with thin coats but I feel having a smooth base will pay off in the end???Name:  D301752F-DA32-43E0-895E-57EC4E6EA865.jpeg
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Size:  746.8 KB This guy is a real pleasure to paint and I can’t wait to get to a point where I can start the freehand work (the little bad moon squiggles etc), I’m also hoping the purple cloth will work well to compliment the yellow armour, we will soon find out I guess

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    Okay so I’m gonna solve this problem for you CC. These are the tricks you don’t know yet but we’re damn sure gonna help you along the way.
    QUESTION: how do I paint black over a yellow primer-
    ANSWER : after you’ve undercoatrd the whole model with black primer and It dries.YOU TAKE A BROWN or a yellow brown ( desert yellow or tau light ochre or balor brown. Use thesebase colors any one to coat the parts where yellow will be. When dry the yellow will be very easy to paint over thisbase color. No headaches , no mistake, no hard times - just A USER FRIENDLY WAY TO APPLY YELLOW OVER A BLACK UNDERCOAT.
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    Cheers for the tip BAM,
    decided to steer away from a brown base coat first (Im aware it would have been easier to layer to yellow) as I’m glazing on the yellow in most parts and felt a brown could possibly de-saturate the yellow, and I really want the yellow to be intense. I decided on a bright orange undercoat, knowing it will take quite a few coats to get opaque, but I’m quite happy to persist with this because I want to leave a bit of this colour in the deep recesses to help with the shading and a bit of this colour showing through the yellow in places too... should turn out looking alright as it progresses.

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    Like I always say the last and final call is by the artist. In the future you could keep in back of your mind the balor brown. It’s a light brown not a beige but a yellow brown. You know better than anyone what your after. These are just ideas we kick around.

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    Dark skin is good for shading yellows.
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    @ten ball thanks for the tip, will have a bit of a play around with this, going to be a bit of an experiment pushing the tonal range without going over the top.

    @BAM, cheers mate, always value your input, will probably be bombarding you with questions once I start getting into the battle damage and weathering as your the go to guy for that kind of thing!!!

    well I’ve finally got all my base colours down and managed to keep a smooth consistency on all, so time to move on to the fun stuff having been heavily inspired by the amazing freehand work some of the guys on here have produced as late (hairster, lone lemming, 10 ball etc) but more so the master of micro freehand Joce (MetalASmedium) I have decided to start on a small little bad moon on the front of the ammo barrel, clip or whatever it’s technical name is??? Felt this figure needs a few bad moon icons as it’s just a generic ork sculpt, and this seems like a fitting place for one... I’ve just sketched in the outline so far, hopefully it turns out how I plan, god this thing is small, going to be pushing the limits of my already raggered eyesight Name:  60A22BEF-7994-452F-B62C-C0C401445224.jpeg
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Size:  472.5 KBapologies for the poor photograph of my headless ork

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    good stuff CC, looking to forward to seeing this progress

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    Nicely achieved smoothness. It should be easy now to do the rest of the models more advanced steps. A dark flesh or a chestnut brown is what most use as far as shading and deepening of the yellow colours. GWs dark flesh,chestnut ink , ruddy leather/chestnut brown, mahogany brown from reaper. Name:  D3497B61-7E52-4FD5-A38B-6FB5ABC6C06A.jpeg
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Size:  35.4 KB These are a variety of ways and intensity how chestnut brown can be used not just as a shade for yellows but as the basis of chills and weathering along with battle damaged effects.
    btw your Color choice used and immediately pertains to the first layer of contrast1) alternating dark/ light colours GIVES THE VIEWER IMMEDIATE READABILITY OF THE MODEL. IOW The viewers Eye can discern in a first glance where each part ends and where another begins.(ex darker green hand and arm Serpe rated by the lighter yellows and greys.) great start. Perfecto !!!!!
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    Cheers for the reference pics BAM, I did search through your gallery and had a really good look at those ork tanks, not sure if I will push the weathering as far as you normally take it, but we will see how it goes when I get to that...

    Anyways, I pushed on and finished my little micro freehand on the gun... a little preemptive but I’m glad I had the forethought to do it now as I can tell you I was gripping the barrel super tight to keep a steady hand, and had I done it later on there definitely would have been layers rubbed off. It probably ain’t the cleanest bad moon ever painted, but I’m quite stoked with how it turned out, considering how small it is
    Name:  19748CEB-C4E0-44AD-8C64-E1477B8CB0F5.jpeg
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    thats very impressive freehand even more so for how tiny it is. well done

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    Very nice freehand work on the gun.

    @BloodASmedium: Even though I really disklike the big tanks of 40k, this goblin tank is really looking awesome!

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    Thanks guys, looking at the pic I’m like “it could do with just a touch more highlight here and just a little tweak here” haha but I’m not going to touch it now cause I know if I do I will ruin it.. like the teeth on it they did look a bit better before and then I went for another pass on them and nearly managed to ruin the whole thing... luckily I managed to fix it, but I’m not as happy with them as I was before... in saying this I’m quite proud of my effort, it’s the smallest freehand I’ve done to date

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    Where this obsession with tinny freehand comes from? You guys are nuts!!! Hehe nice CC, glad to see you trying freehand, now you can relate when I say 1mm wide perfect pentagram on my book of magic

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    Haha Joce, saw some crazy kid doing it so thought I would do it too, you know when your mother says “if all the other kids jumped off a cliff would you do it too”, well I’m the the kid that says, yes...yes I would
    I’m thinking if I do some more I’m going to have to invest in some sort of optical aid, this kind of stuff is a real strain on my old eyes

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    Thank you
    looking forward to moving on with this guy now, got a few more little freehands planned along the way... I have started the skin, but only a very subtle highlight and shade so far, along with a very light blue gaze in places, has brought out some nice features though. Was going to tone down the green a bit into the shade, but I think using blues and greys for the shades may look better against the base colour? We’ll see how it goes.

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    Dude! Micro-freehand makes my head explode!
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    Progress so far... only a few subtle highlights in places at this stage, just enough to give a guide to add a bit of nuisance into the skin tone. Still a bit messy in places but should clean up as it moves along... slow and steady with this one Name:  52D0341F-53B5-4738-95E4-F983F4EBE855.jpeg
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