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    looking really good CC. bringing out some nice tones and contrast in that flesh
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    I live the contrast between the flesh and red armor.

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    Thanks all...

    Haven’t had much time for painting the past few weeks, My father had a massive heart attack, but thank god luck was on our side and he is on the mend now! So yeah, painting sessions have been slim, and as a result I haven’t really focused on anything in particular and have started a heap of different things as I’ve been using my painting as a bit of a way to put my mind at ease

    Anyways I won’t show all the projects I have started, cause there’s quite a few of them haha, but this is the latest one I started yesterday. With all the hype around soul wars I just had to stop in at my GW store and pick up something to get on board.
    not sure if I’m entirely happy with the way it’s turning out? But going to push on and see what she ends up looking like in the end...

    Name:  AC6C1052-0D35-44A3-ACAA-0518971FBEA9.jpeg
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    Wont be spending to much time on this one, as I really want to get back to my khorne guys now I will be getting a bit more painting time, so hopefully will be able to show the finished product in a couple of days!!!

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    I think she’s very nice. Crack in it’s not ce your at that stage now where you can say I’ll spend 100hours on this or I’ll spend 2 hours and love the way it’s feeling and looking- there are no limits and there are no money payouts like 8,000.00 crystal brush first place prizes. Enjoy the model enjoy your act piece enjo enjoy and oh yeah enjoy young squire .... simply crack on young warrior your at that level maestro!!!

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    Pushed it along a bit further...

    Name:  DA17E269-9A82-48CF-8676-E5C55507DB33.jpeg
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    Im looking forward to having the white cloth out of the way and starting work on the blue, once I get that up I think she will really start to come alive!!!
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    Quite a bit of progress today, she’s all together now, now on to working the blues...

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    Awesome contrast on her CC! Looks great.

    I'm digging everyone's different versions of this model. It's really popular

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    Sorry to hear about your dad's condition unfortunately we are at that age for most of us 40-50 that our parents will go soon. Not that I want to be negative or anything it is just a fact of life. I don't see my dad anymore and I have no communication with him either, I just know that soon I will get "the" phone call. I am glad you have some mojo still flowing in you despite all that turmoil surrounding you. You latest projects are just kicking ass, nice to see.
    Keep hacking mate!

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    Sorry about the stress mate. Mini looking sharp
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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    I love the colour scheme, from the front the blue really helps break up all those warm colours, don't envy you painting white either haha

    Sorry to hear about your dad too mate, glad he's on the mend though

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    Thank you guys, and thanks for the well wishes, yep a bit stressful for a while there but everything should be good now and yes Joce this is the unfortunate side effect of growing old.

    hopefully get somewhere close to being finished with this one tonight... I’ve had a heap of other figures arrive in the mail this week, so the waiting to paint stack is ever growing, along with the stash on the table half finished

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    Very sorry to hear about your dad's scare. Hope he's feeling better.

    I like the project! Especially the hair!

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    Good vibes your way mate. I got you and her pops prayers en route too like the auto bots !!!))) great painting.

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    I like the style you are achieving with the shading on the white. Very cool.

    BTW I finally got something packaged uo and just need to head to the post office to ship when they open!

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    Latest shots...

    Name:  63134DD7-F9EE-4AF5-AB63-7CD5D31941B2.jpeg
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    Name:  D33A50D5-E026-4583-A440-2AF912A1C8ED.jpeg
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    @krule - awesome I’m really excited for the arrival

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    Looking really nice CC, well done

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    Thanks Sigmar

    still chipping away away at the Sequitor but rapidly losing interest, but it’s so close now so will push on... I am looking forward to doing a kind of marble effect on the base though.

    Anyways I thought I would share a little figure I had a play around with the other day... Just a bit of fun and will get around to finishing it sooner or later... needed a little witch elf fix as I absolutely love these old figures...
    oh and before you ask, yes her boobs are showing... why? Because if your going to go around chopping off heads you might as well do it in a classy manner

    Name:  1F0DCC64-EE43-40C0-B2CA-EDE04A3566B9.jpeg
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    Im really didn’t like the hair so I have since re-based that and will give it another go, a with a bit more patience!!!

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    Sequitors looking good CC...keep the faith! Like Fox said, so many versions of these minis about currently, good to see your take on it.

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    Sequitor looks awesome CC. Great job on it!


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    Very nice job on the sequitor!!! Hang tough you’ll be aighty aighty

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