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    Thank you all.. to those who mentioned about pushing the highlights a little further with mr bat squig, I couldn’t agree more, they are a bit brighter than the photo makes out. As I have taken out several awards for the shitest miniature photographer in the world, a lot of the colour has washed out in this photo making it look quite subtle. But even still I will be adding a few more highlights in places, but I will wait till I’m just about finished with the unit to work them together to kind of get the highlights uniform across all the minis.

    Anyways I moved along to the second member of the gang... and was quite happy with how it was progressing until I decided to rush the technique on the smoke/spores whatever you want to call it.
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    (Once again crappy photos)
    I knew what I wanted to do, but being super impatient I really rushed the technique, and thought ahhh let’s get out the dry brush... and immediately regretted this decision, and instantly remembered why I hate drybrushing!!!!
    In my head I figured I had destroyed this paint and I had this guy literally dangling over the stripping pot, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it as I was quite happy with how the rest of it was coming along, so had to try and rectify it

    so with a lot of gritting my teeth and persistence, I have kind of remedied the issue, to where it’s looking good, well better than it was before anyways.. although it is the complete opposite of the effect I wanted for this. Oh well shit happens... I think this kind of effect would be mush better applied with an airbrush.
    Anyways here’s where it’s at currently...
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    Still a way to go with this little shroom... but at least I didn’t go through with starting over

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaotic Creations View Post
    Thanks graishak, as ekipage mentioned this is one of the minions that come with the Mollogs mob night vault set... The only conversions I do is taking really nice sculpts and converting them into average painted figures haha
    LOL ... don't underrate your work. You're producing very nice things! ;-)

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    First off, great job on this figure so far, I actually do like your fix for the smoke too.

    Could you have just used some rubbing alcohol on a q-tip to remove some of the paint from the smoke part without stripping the whole figure? I actually liked the texture you kind of had in the first photo, maybe just add some shading into those areas and then brought up the rest with brighter colors?

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    Noish CC noish noish noish!!!

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    Damn this guy is sweet! Very nice scheme and highlighting!

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    Well i meant to post that on your picture of the goblin/gremlin pirate dude, but all of your work is great. My favorite is probably your duel entry. Love all your goblins and greens too man!

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    Nicely done so far, is he called "atomic shroom"

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    Cheers guys,

    progress is is slow but moving in the right direction.

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    That purple(?) is coming along super well! I think the blue on the mushrooms will provide a really good contrast and color spread too

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    Beautimas work especially in Regards to the color !!!!

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    That schroom looks poisonous sweet ;-)

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    ​Love it! Smoke is particularly good.

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    Looks great, and also a really fun model to paint

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    Hi all,
    I’m not too sure if I have shared this piece here ? I don’t think I have. But decided to pick this one up again and try to get it finished as it’s been sitting around for a while now. Although unfortunately, I can’t for the life of me find her hand I have searched low and high but still no joy... I guess this is the result of not completing projects in a single run. Oh well back in the cabinet she goes, I may one day think of an idea for her or sculpt a new hand, just though I would share a shot of her before she disappears possibly forever lol

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    or just make a small sculpt piece to fit in the spot to make it look like her hand was cut off and then just paint it all bloody with some bone sticking out

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    Quote Originally Posted by ekipage View Post
    or just make a small sculpt piece to fit in the spot to make it look like her hand was cut off and then just paint it all bloody with some bone sticking out
    Possibly??? Just disappointing was looking forward to smoothing it all out and getting it looking nice... oh well I’ve got plenty to carry on with for now

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    understand, it is a nice bust and would probably look better with the hand. But I know what you mean, I have lost a bunch of stuff from SM backpacks to weapons, to even a head for one of my figs and I left them in the bin of forgotten dreams

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    Ouch. Losing parts of a fig is never fun. I'll try to not make any jokes about giving you a hand.

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    I think a nice fireball comin out of the end of the arm would be easy to sculpt

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    Really sorry to hear about the bust. That is an excellent sculpt and I think it is hard to get now too if I'm not mistaken. I regret not buying one when it was more widely available. You may want to hang onto her for a while just in case the hand shows up. Even with tiny mini pieces, I tend to find the ones I thought I've lost when I least expect it. The shroom further above is really looking nice and your hard work on it has paid off. Keep the updates coming as it is always fun to see what you're up to

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