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    Still no sign of the hand yet... it may or may not turn up ? But she can go back to her place at the back of the cabinet for the time being... and yes @kuribo this figure is now out of production, and is a wonderful sculpt. Oh well I will come up with an idea for it eventually.

    Anyhows, I have decided to carry on with the pieces I’m working on for competition as time is slowly ticking by, and the comp is at the end of April... and as you are all probably aware I am one of the slowest painters in history... mainly due to only have small painting sessions to get things done. But I enjoy every minute I get
    so here’s a little look at one of the figures... my first real nurgle painting, so having a bit of fun with it.

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    Very very very nice candy for the eye. The purple and blue violet reds contrast wonderfully with the less saturated green armor.;-)
    keep on going this will be one of your best.

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    Yeah that flesh is looking great! Really like the green tone too! Awesome!

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    Hey CC,
    If the hand is gone for good I could try sculpting a replacement for you. Do you have any photos of or links to how the hand should look, and can you give details on size (diameter of the join point is probably the most critical measurement)? If you don't have photos of the original hand can you sketch or find images of a hand pose that you'd like. I won't make any promises as I might be completely misjudging both the size and my ability, but happy to give it a try and post some photos for you to decide whether you're interested. If it comes out okay I'd be happy to cover parcel post from UK to Oz just to get the satisfaction of helping out and seeing my work being used. Post a reply to my WIP if you're interested.

    Re your nurgle figure I can advise that an over-engineered base will not bag the competition prize for you... page 2 of my WIP will explain this comment

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    Hi all,

    havent updated the thread in a while, so thought I would share a little gobbo

    Name:  20577D4E-395A-4007-A38B-357307DD88B0.jpeg
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    The Gobbo is very nice. Do you want to paint more of these?
    There is a unit of 30 at my desk... feel free to take over

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    Gobbo looks fantastic! Pristine paintjob, great composition

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    Cheers guys,

    Thanks for the offer Graishak, but I’ve got another 119 of these on my desk I’ve got to get through first

    Ive temporally put this one with a couple of others for a comp piece, but not sure if I will get it done on time, but it’s all good if I don’t cause they are figures for the army I’m slowly putting together.

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    These look excellent mate, and even better once mounted up on the group base.

    Stand out areas for me are the subtle work on the skin and spear staffs. Should be well happy with these especially if you plan to use them as gaming minis.....significantly better than the ones GW use for box art.

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    Great job. Love the base!

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    Very well done CC-round papa

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    Yeah agree with the others, you've done a great job with these CC.

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    Great dio you have there! Hope you get it done in time for the comp, although it doesn't look like you have much left! Knock it out!

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    Thanks you all so much for the comments guys, I really appreciate it

    well unfortunately there here just wasn’t enough time to complete the goblins so I’ll chip away at that for the next comp, will be better to take a bit of time with it rather than rush finishing it.
    I did however manage to finish off the main entry for what they call the masters category, so hopefully that goes well.

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    He looks really badass on that base!
    Shame the goblins didn't make it in time they look even more badass

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    Yeah that looks fantastic, well done. Good luck with the entry

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    Cool. The highlights on the green are beautifully smooth and the base is outstanding.

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    Love those goblins.
    BTW, could you tell me what color did you use on the soil and rocks of goblin's base? Thank you.
    This is my gallery

    Really thx for your votes&comments!

    And this is my WIP

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