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    That is a great dio! Is that real wood or did you sculpt it from something?

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    Thanks mate... yeah it’s real wood. It looked so good in its natural state that I wanted to leave it, but as it’s a piece for a painting comp I figured I had better paint it

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    The little squig cave scene has managed to win a store final in Everchosen so now moves on to go into the mix with all the amazing paint jobs from around the world. So pretty much the journey ends there I would say I’m pretty stoked with the result and really looking forward to seeing all the other entries from around the globe.

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    Congrats on winning and moving on for a chance at the Everchosen!

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    Thanks ekipage, really appreciate it mate.

    Anyways moving on I will be picking back up the piece I was working on before being distracted with Everchosen.
    I had started work on Tyra from blacksun minis. Such a great sculpt and heaps of detail. I didn’t get far into it before I decided to enter into the comp. Had only done the assembly and made a bit of a start on the base.
    Have really been looking forward to this one... this is the progress so far, as can be seen I haven’t done a hell of a lot yet.

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    Really glad to have you back on here, mate! I just voted and commented finally. Congratulations for moving on in Everchosen and it is well-deserved I'd say.

    This new mini is very intriguing and a big change from what you just completed. Is it 75mm? I know Black Sun only makes that scale and if so, then I applaud you taking on a large scale project! Looking forward to more updates from one of Oz's most talented painters

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    The squig cave diorama looks great. Can’t wait to see more progress on the next piece.

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