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    Great job on the Lord of Plagues. Gobbo's look great as well and that is a really nice base (for both actually). Good luck with the masters category entry!

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    Good luck everything looks amazing cc !!!! You have every bit of reason to feel confidence with these. That are top dog mate!!!!!

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    That is a fantastic piece, Chaotic! Its really nice to see an update from you and I hope we'll see regular painting progress again soon. Good luck in the competition and no matter what happens, you should be proud of this guy!

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    Thank you all very much for the encouragement...
    well my lord of plagues took out first place and I took home the trophy so happy days

    anyways I started this handsome little fellow a little while ago and am trying some different things for it. I’m really not sure if it’s going to turn out exactly how I would like, and not ensure if a reflective look for the armour would be best for this figure, but I felt I needed to try it, so here’s hoping it’s half way reasonable looking in the end. I’ve been quite looking forward to starting this one as it’s quite an odd character and it’s turning out to be heaps of fun.

    this is where it’s at currently and still a heap of work to do...

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    Wow that is coming along nicely, That armor is spot on! looks so realistic.!


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    Outstanding work buddy!!! And congrats for your hard work.

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    Wow armor turns out great already. Keep on, excited to see the progress

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    Congrats on the first place. New guy looks pretty cool. I like the effect you have going on with the armor! Who cares if people don't think it "fits" with the armor/character, it is fantasy so everything "fits"!

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    Did Donkey bite off Shrek’s right hand? lol. Looking good and congrats on the win.

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    Any updates on this? I imagine it's no easy feat to pull off the NMM, with the environmental reflections; but you've done really well thus far.

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    Beebs is right! Let's see an update, mate! This is an interesting sculpt and it has a lot of character to it. I like what I'm seeing and I think this will be one of your most interesting projects yet.

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    Nice work on this! Might be worth adding in some yellow reflection where the arm is parallel to the breastplate area as well as this would definitely be reflecting, same would probably go for a shimmer of bone near the necklace.

    great job so far

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    I admire your courage for trying this armor thing, I think you did a good job!

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    1) Congrats on your win. That’s great!

    2) armor looks terrific! He looks just the type to spend a lot of time polishing his armor... or ordering some underling to do it for him!

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    Great start on that ork, nmm looks really nice! The figure itself reminds me of Dink Smallwood game

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