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    cool stuff, alway nice to through in a fun one. I like the colours you have gone for. I have a copy space hulk downstairs that will be getting painting one day. the geanstealers are really nice models
    My WIP thread - where the painting and rambling happens

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    Carefree mucking around- must look into this as the mucking around seems to payback huuuge dividends.

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    I like it, always liked Tyranids but don't think I ever painted one, they're not a good army choice for those who get bored of painting similar minis in similar colours lol might have to pick something up one of these days though, haven't really looked at them since I became a proper painter

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    Its the best type of painting less thinking more painting and once you have a few combos up your sleeve its always satisfying! Nice work

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    Quote Originally Posted by metalasmedium View Post
    All kidding aside, look forward to see this develop.
    Haha I love the kidding, and from this day on he shall be known as cockroach man
    aint going to be anything too fancy just a quick little paint, guess it’s just a little procrastinating technique to not finish the orks hehe

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    Nearly there... just a coupla little bits to finish up and I’ll call this one done!!! Name:  B767A8F6-D3FA-4973-BE0C-438D6F3E2CDD.jpeg
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    Nice CC , turned out grand, especially so for a quick paint job
    My WIP thread - where the painting and rambling happens

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    I like how you're combining the blue/purple/red elements... even the tongue with that poison green fits to that colorful beast.
    How you wanna design the claws? Same green like tongue and eyes?

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    To be honest, I think I like the skulls most of all. Those are some really nice skulls.

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    Awesome work! love the metal too, like every one else .. . great skulls and great GSteeler too!

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    I actually adore the face excelle
    tly done.

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    Thanks all, will try and get some better pics today in daylight, and hopefully get it finished...

    @joce, yeah the metal is something I’m going to push a bit further, but more grime etc... it’s quite hard to get a decent shot of TMM

    @graishak, well I’m just going to go for bone claws, think green might be a bit too much...

    @fox, yeah the skulls are sculpted really well on this figure and have really stood out well, will give them just a light touch with a final highlight to get the highest bits to really stand out.

    @canny, thanks mate... well once done I’m going to leave it unbased as such until you start offloading some of those base toppers got my eye on this one:Name:  1B2E4001-9C04-4BF5-81F0-A5CCCCD1F3E3.jpeg
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Size:  11.6 KB think it would look great sitting on this!!! So I eagerly await your progress hehe

    @BAM, thanks mate... I’m thinking it may need a little more of a highlight, a bright orange/yellow maybe to give it a bit of a glow and help it stand out from the other red skin.

    hoping I can get this done today in amongst chasing after my nutcase kids once again thanks for all the kind comments and encouragement!!! Much appreciated

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coyotebreaks View Post
    Nice CC , turned out grand, especially so for a quick paint job
    Thanks coyote, always great to have your encouragement... cheers mate.

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    Looks great, and to echo Coyote, quick also!

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    Yep, quick and nasty
    its funny how you keep looking at something and can be like, I can just do a bit more here and a little touch here and then you realise this ain’t ever going to end haha... not for this one though.. will just finish the nails, do the teeth and a little bit of shine in the eyes and that’s it (oh and finish that last bit of copper pipe, and some added corrosion here and there).

    Last WIP shots... next ones will be the finished product.......promise

    Name:  BFD9787D-C70A-4D31-B7BD-E90D9A102096.jpeg
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Size:  985.9 KB Name:  86C5E9B6-2FC9-42DF-85D8-E11941872782.jpeg
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    Quote Originally Posted by Foxtail View Post
    To be honest, I think I like the skulls most of all. Those are some really nice skulls.
    I agree, but cockroach boy looks great as a whole.

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    Looking good, Man they are good skulls! I pulled my still on sprue parts out and had a look, they have some great stuff on them and you are doing a great job of bringing it to life!
    The bases are ordered so its just a matter of time before they come back, Then its time to sand, prime, mold - cast! . . . Then I will let you guys know and you can get a batch.

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