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Thread: Chaotic Creations WIP

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    it’s looking great. Really getting some great character out the mini, the base looks great.
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    You know guys it’s clearly evident that CC is new to this but because he has an artistic background and career he’s taken to this like a bee to honey!!!! Showing that he knows quite a thing or two about a thing or two. Matching a wonderful clever and well thought out base to a great already existing model brings it waaay off the charts!!!

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    Once again a massive thank you to all who have stopped by for a look and especially those who take the time to leave a comment. You guys are the best... I value everyone’s input and always try to use it when I can, I find you generally get stuck looking at the same mini for so long you can easily miss something that can make a big difference.. so I always welcome a fresh set of eyes picking over my work, and really value any input good or bad!!!

    anyways I thought I would add a couple of photos of the progress, nothing like a few close ups to realise how messy your work is, and how many areas need to be cleaned up haha. Slowly getting there though.Name:  5DEE20DC-19AB-4C71-A7C7-2174C2046D02.jpeg
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    And i I just thought I would add this over exposed photo aswell as it shows a bit better what is happening on the pants. Name:  EE82221A-0B75-4D22-A41F-CFA74E1FC2BF.jpeg
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    Alright man! You are getting there! Can't help to thing that this sculpt is a bit brute but you doing a great job making it look good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by metalasmedium View Post
    Alright man! You are getting there! Can't help to thing that this sculpt is a bit brute but you doing a great job making it look good.
    Cheers Joce,
    the sculpt ain’t really too bad, there is some really nice details in here, although some places where I would like more, like the shirt etc, but yeah just slowly working on painting them in without them looking out of place. There’s other bits like that metal jaw thing which is molded back to the face so you have to be tricky with the shades on these bits. Apart from that it’s a pretty fun little guy to paint, guess my thing with this guy is to try and take an average everyday mini and make it look extraordinary (high expectations).
    Think ive gotta remember sometimes with these little minis that less is more. I spend so much time slowly transitioning colours for highlights etc that when I’m done it’s not even noticeable and looks like crap, whereas a couple of sharp transitions can give an even better look.
    ive decided once I get these few orks done I’m going to start working on some busts and 75mm stuff. I think I will really enjoy these with a bit more space to play around with blends etc...

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    Now that’s a proper painted mini!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BloodASmedium View Post
    Now that’s a proper painted mini!!!
    Ah shucks, thanks mate glad you like him...

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    looking really nice. colours are working well with each other. do you plan on taking the muscle recesses any darker, as they seem light in comparison to his face.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coyotebreaks View Post
    looking really nice. colours are working well with each other. do you plan on taking the muscle recesses any darker, as they seem light in comparison to his face.
    Thanks coyote,
    yep still a bit of work to do on the skin tone, at this stage the body has only been shaded with blues and greys (and a very muted purple) but yes it will go darker (a lot more on the underside of the arms) and I will incorporate the same reds and purples I used on the face.

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    Agree on those recesses and armpits etc...however thread makes for great viewing as there is so much clear development and care being taken with the models. Great stuff

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    Again, nice mini and great job on the freehand.

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    Thanks guys,
    Progress is moving along steady, the little bits here and there, shouldn’t be too long now where I get to a point I can call it finished... bit more work on the base yet to get the blends all smooth and finish that freehand, I want that one looking really neat, but in the end the plinth will only be temporary.

    anyways I started cleaning up the next nob for painting and had a little idea, I was going to make them a little bad moon squad, but this thought came into my head and I just can’t let it go. I could paint the next one an evil suns and then the last one (the boss) a Goff or something, mount them together on a scenic base and call it the “Triumvirate of the Horde” what do you guys think? Probably be better using 3 different war bosses though. Probably not an original idea too, I’m sure someone would have done it before.

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    Well I’ve made a start on the 2nd nob, other guy is still far from finished but I figure it wouldn’t hurt to have the second one on the go to keep busy, and really to keep them coherent when doing the final touch ups. This other one will have a totally different skin tone to the other, as they ain’t twins and it should work well when the three are together.

    Anyways just wanted to put this photo here to show anyone whos interested how thin I apply my paint over several coats to get it opaque. This is how it looks after the first coat, it took 3 coots like this to get it to opaque and super smooth.
    Name:  FB6BDF53-DB78-4EBB-9657-7CFB2F48E87B.jpeg
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    Nothing like a side by side shot to see how ordinary a paint job can look in it’s early stages
    Name:  BA53A677-15ED-44AA-8234-C85613A1A728.jpeg
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    Very cool comparison, your idea for squad sounds good. You might need to find a common colour to unite them though. The green skin may do it. But worth pondering if there is another one imo

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    Cheers coyote,
    ive decided to scrap that idea for this bunch and stick with the bad moons... for it to be more effective I think it would need 3 hq characters. Might gather up the right figures and do something like that later, possibly a larger scale?

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