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Thread: Chaotic Creations WIP

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    Yeah, wow, those colours are intense. Well done, mate!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaotic Creations View Post
    Good question, I don’t know really, guess I do like painting from a fresh clean surface???
    Ahh fair enough; I noticed a few times on the boards people making a mistake and then saying “now it’s sitting in purple power” or something similar, so it made me curious. I feel like I’ll go to any length not to have to strip a model- i like to think I build my colours and textures with mistakes

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    Superb and delightful on the whole bit bud!!! Exalted .....plain English!!!

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    Also, since I forgot to write it, the new iteration of octupus head looks great. I love the smooth vibrant colours

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    Haven’t posted in a bit, have put my current projects on hold for a bit to work on a little project for an upcoming GW competition, nothing major just a little fun...going to be a quick paint as it’s only a couple of weeks away but going to give it my best in the little time I have...

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    Heres the scene (just roughly put together)... the body positions aren’t exactly as I would like, but as I’m time limited, they are going to here to suffice now onto the painting!!!

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    This is a great looking scene! I don't know what it is but GW has seemingly designed the Stormcast and Khorne minis to go well together for scenes like this. I have an idea for a diorama that I will probably never paint because I could never find the exact minis I wanted for sale individually and I refuse to buy $60 boxes and not paint more than one mini anymore. My grumbling aside, I'm very excited for this new project and it should be an excellent-looking duel when you get finished!

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    As Kuribo said, the two figures work well together. It should be an excellent mini-diorama and I'll enjoy watching the progress.
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    Right-o, Stormcast has begun... tonight’s job is to try and complete the bronze/gold ? Whatever it is thinking more of a bronze look, not sure this stage if I will give it some verdigris, kind of more inclined for a clean look, but we will see how it progresses...
    God I love true metallics, I haven’t painted anything with large metal sections for a long time, and have forgotten how fun it is to play around with the shades.
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    Progress so far... just a little test fit to see how it’s going to look

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    Ive got just over two weeks toget this baby finished, wish I had a little more time but oh well, will have todo the best I can in the little time I have!!!

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    Looks great! That competition looks to be fun. A cool idea for sure. The base looks fantastic.

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    Bit more progress...

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