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    The best silver metallics that I used were Vallejo Metal Color (not Model Air metallics, but both of them are airbrush ready paints). They are really good. No need to water them at all, they are very liquid.
    As for thinning Citadel metallics I found that using airbrush thinner to thin them works really well. You can try that.

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    Name:  10389E74-9B4F-4BB8-89DA-788E054B9E94.jpeg
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Size:  283.5 KB So the green is now pretty much where I want it (minus the final highlights)... time to move on to, well everything else!!!

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    The citadel washes are great though once you have laid the base metallic down. They give smooth shading that looks great. You can also get fantastic ranges of superfine metallics from AK Interactive and other manufacturers but they need to be airbrushed over a gloss black undercoat like the Alclad metallic lacquers. Brushes just won't do.

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    Great work on the skin, I really like his neck

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    Thanks Arkaan, I saw a picture a while back of an orc with a ribbed neck and thought it would look cool on this one... its a bit of a challenge getting the brush in there cause the chainsword Is right in the way. Should come up really nice once the final highlights are on it...

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    Its coming along really nicely CC, you could apply the same principals on the neck to his top lip to emphasise the cracked wrinkly lip (look at some reference pics of apes lips maybe to see how they crease up), his elbows to emphasise those wrinkly bits we all have there and potentially on the muscles to bring our the sinewy bits.

    If you go down this route take it slowly though and keep it super subtle so it does not become overpowering (particularly on muscles).

    Great to see you being confident with your experimenting and urge to improve.

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    Cheers hairster,
    don’t worry mate it’s really slow and steady on this little guys, I’m starting to lose count of the number of layers Ive put down to build up each of the colours.. just working everything up to to where it would normally be finished (highlighting wise) and then I will start adding in a some little tricky touches... don’t want to get too ahead of myself anywhere in case I get a little slip of the brush... just using my cell for photos at this stage so a bit difficult to see where the colours are building up for the peak highlights, but once it starts taking shape a bit more I’ll dig out the slr to get some better photos...
    theres not a hell of a lot of fine detail on these GW ork boys so it’s just a matter of painting in the details which I feel should be there!!!
    I’m still deciding how I’m going to tackle bringing in some flesh tones into the skin, as you and BAM suggested earlier on in the thread... I’ve got an end look for the mini in mind (a really dark/shadowed feel) which should work in well with the base I have planned. So I’m guessing I will wait until I get everything toned down a to give it the look I’m after to see what hues will work best to compliment the skin...
    thanks again for the comments though, it’s great to have others looking over what I’m doing and giving me pointers along the way. This is the first mini I have painted in a long long time with the intention of finishing it !!! Everything I’ve painted since I re-discovered my old gear has just been test pieces, just re-learning all the old tricks and trying out some of the new tricks !!!

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    This is looking really well mate. It's the little things like the wrinkles on his neck that really give a model life...i love little subtle this gr8 that make you look twice...good job man

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    Thanks rouge... yep I love those little features you can paint onto a mini to give them a unique pop, and kind of make them stand out from all the usual ones you see. Got a few more little ideas for this guy before he is finished... just gotta find the time to do it, real life (work and kids etc) leaves little time but I squeeze in what I can, when I can

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    That ork is looking really good mate. The extra detail on the neck particularly works well, but generally the skin tones look brill, hats off!

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    The musculature you have painted onto the back of the neck looks really good.

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    Thanks for the complements droidworkshop & bullfrog... well I was getting a little disillusioned by his face, don’t know why I just didn’t quite like how it was looking, so I thought I would push on a bit with that so I could fell a little bit better about this mini... has ended up looking ok but still needs a few tweaks in places... also finished all the leather straps... I don’t really have a good recipe for leather so just winged it with the limited brown colours I have (a lot of experimenting). I think I may need to add a further little highlight in a couple of places (possibly an orange-ish hue?), but we’ll see when everything else comes together...

    i appoligise for the photos, doesn’t really show what I’ve done that effectively, but it’s coming into Summer here and it’s bright as hell everywhere this morning (and couldn’t be bothered setting up lights etc to get a good shot). Hopefully you get the general idea of how it’s looking
    Name:  693F2AE9-56FA-4229-B9D2-7ECEB42DFA3D.jpeg
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    His face looks much better now and it's well detailed
    As for leather straps I always struggle to make something better but always fail. My best attemt at this topic:
    And a nice tutorial:

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    Cheers for the link Arkaan, I came across this one a little while back and have tried it out, it’s a pretty cool little technique, although unfortunately it wouldn’t work so well on this little guy as the straps have rounded/raised edges which produced a little shadow line down both sides, and trying to paint in the little highlight lines wouldn’t have really worked well... so yeah just had to experiment a bit and try to keep it looking leather-ish. Will more than likely give it a couple more touch ups before I’m finished...

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    A little orange in the mid tone will work very nicely.
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    I’m just wondering if anyone has any good techniques for blood stains on cloth... I have the GW blood technical paint but don’t want to use that as I think it will be too glossy and fresh looking.. I’m thinking about painting in some stains onto the cloth but want it to look like old soaked in stains... any ideas to create a good effect would be appreciated ???

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    Experiment on a block of colour painted in the material colour.
    try some browns mixed in with the reds.
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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    As ten said you want a dark dried on look...I’d tend to use Tamiya clear red mixed without army painter strong tone to give a nice clear dark colour. You can let this dry off a bit and it congeals if you want a more clotted look. You are right to steer clear of the glossy bright reds for this though.

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    Great, thanks for that... will be definitely trying out a couple of test pieces first..

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    BFBG MUXED WITH A DARK BROWN. as far as cloth 1) use a thinned down bit of this mix and let a puddle (a very transparent/ diluted one) with a dab onto the cloth- this will represent the blood that has been absorbed and as the blood seeps into the cloth from the point of contact it will get lighter as it bleeds into the cloth. 2) than use a thicker less diluted bit of this mix in the center and for spatter marks. Name:  D843B7EB-3961-4FF3-989A-D88B35940512.jpeg
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