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Thread: Chaotic Creations WIP

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    Heated steel is great- should have the 3 colors. Everything about this is turning out absolutely fantastic.

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    Cheers BAM, wasn’t really sure how to apply this, was just going from a couple of pictures I was looking at... didn’t really have a bright enough hue of purple I would have liked to used (countless attempts to try and mix the right colour). Ended up having to mix in with a metallic to get close to what I wanted... will practice this a little more to figure out how to get it right, it’s a pretty cool effect...

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    All the pieces for the base have finally arrived, really looking forward to putting it all together and getting this guy finished...

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    Well in the little time I have had to hobby the ork has seen only a couple of touch ups, nothing worth sharing... but his base is coming along nicely!!! Still in early stages, requires some inks and more highlights and a few more special little pieces!!! Here’s a peek to give you a bit of an idea where it’s heading...Name:  4486663A-BD41-4EA8-B2AC-1AA736FA6D08.jpeg
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    That base is looking great mate, big thumbs up from me

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    Your ork has come on in leaps and bounds CC...great stuff....looking forward to seeing him on that base.

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    Thanks droid and thanks hairster, I’m going to take a bit of inspiration from your nurgle queen base and introduce a bit of colour with inks... have already started, not that the photo shows it, I can assure you that photo doesn’t do it any favours haha I just looked at it and it looks like a crappy pile of dry brushed sand well I test placed all the pieces in place before I started painting and it should look alright once it comes together... spent last night playing around trying to decide on a freehand for the plinth, I think I’ve worked out something that will work...

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    Base looks awesome! Cork and sand/grit? Or any other special techniques?

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    Thanks Ddmkr, Yep that’s it, stacked cork, coarse sand and a few little bits of rock I picked up off the road out the front of my house. And on the flat sections I used that GW agrellan earth technical paint for the crackle... just applied it really thick to get some nice deep cracks.. this stuff is epic, first time I’ve used it!!!

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    Technical/texture paints from Citadel are great, although expensive (as are all things GW). I'm using Vallejo diorama texture paste now, they come in a really big box and last a long time, there are not as many different effects as there are in Citadels range, but you can give them a try, Dark Earth and Rough Pumice are indispensable for me now

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