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    Quote Originally Posted by Coyotebreaks View Post
    she's coming on nicely CC, better for toning down the shadows for sure.
    Thanks coyote

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    Ahhhhh muchos better -and moving forwa4d you’ll now be vigilant about the whole process of painting torsos. This is how we level up.

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    A few more little layers on this things... skin tone is slowly starting to take shape, still a bit of a ways to go to get it looking half way decent... so much for a quick paint job, the speed I paint she’ll probably get it for her next birthday Name:  BC0C0EEE-7494-40FF-9382-B3B2B51F980B.jpeg
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Size:  435.0 KBName:  B0E470EF-7067-477F-9E1D-CBAA8716D43B.jpeg
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    nice one CC, she is looking good, getting nice and smooth. i am presently doing the working slow thing. it has it advantages, you can be much more considered in your approach. and ensure things are as they should be. so its all good really.

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    Looking good mate, I'd now push the highlights further, how much depends on what style you're after (as you've seen in my thread I go real high on white skin tones but even just a little bit will do wonders I think)

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    Your placements are excellent! However by polishing a bit your smoothness you can raise the quality to a bangarang standard! Keep it up. Oh and LOL at yur jokes

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    Thank you all... I’m hoping as the highlights progress it will smooth out a little bit more, may need to work back and forward with the shades and highlights to get a little bit more variation of colours within the skin tone.

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    Pretty much what everyone else has said...up the amount of dilution/glazing medium to paint ratio and you should see things smooth out alot. Great job on a lovely old mini so far.

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    Nice work.
    1. 'Painting is a companion with whom one may hope to walk a great part of life's journey.' W. Churchill
    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    I can only echo what others have said, Chaotic. This dark lady is coming along nicely! I really like the hair and how much it pops in your pictures. Look forward to seeing this mini come together

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    Hitting the reset button

    Alright, well I woke up this morning after having a very disillusioning painting session last night and have decided to hit the reset button and start again. I have cleared away all of my projects sitting on my desk and packed them away in a box!!! I have grown absolutely sick of painting inferior quality miniatures and it’s really not helping me get back into painting again... I am finding when I get to the stage of really pushing the contrast all the defects in the miniature rear their ugly head, and the more I try to make these blemishes disappear, the worse they become, and ends up driving me to the brink of insanity, as well as me ruining the finished product...
    So from now on I have decided I will 1) select to paint minis that have a nice smooth cast and that get me excited to paint and 2) spend a hell of a lot more time in the preparation phase to make sure the mini is as perfect as possible before priming.
    I’ve been quite excited since getting back into the hobby and I think I have been rushing and overlooking these things just to get into painting the minis, which is all good until it gets to the finishing stages of the projects and I can’t deliver the results I’m aiming for... so here’s hoping a fresh start and a clear mind will help me will help me get on the right track with my painting??? I do love painting minis, and really don’t won’t to get to a point of frustration where I pack it all away and not paint again for a long time again...

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    If we all packed it in every time we get frustrated we’d all never be where we are today. Stay with models that inspire you and if you get frustrated by anything just remind yourself DO NOT QUIT- it’s all part of the process of advancement.

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    I totally agree with you BAM and your absolutely right, but the issue I had was everything I was working on was draining every inch of inspiration I had out of me, so by packing away my frustrations I feel I can concentrate on some new minis I have decided to paint and not get dragged down by projects which I have little motivation to finish. I know it goes against your belief of finishing every mini you start, but I look at it this way “you can’t polish a turd” there are particular things on the minis I was painting which drove me nuts and could not be fixed (and really would hinder the end result) and would require stripping, fixing and repainting... for an example the witch elf -just to mention one of the many imperfections on this one, there are two lumps in upper portion of the cheek bone and severe pitting just below, now I missed this in clean up. As I work up the highlights these raised sections really stand out and throw out the whole look of the face and the pitting retains a shade in a place where it’s not suited... I’m quite a strong critic of my own work and I should just let these things go but I can’t so I keep working these areas to a point where it just turns out plain horrible.
    Maybe im over critical but that’s the way I like to paint, so I’ve decided to start some new minis and really put the time into getting a really clean finish to start with. I feel this is where I’ve been letting myself down since I’ve come back to the hobby, not putting the time into preparation as I just can’t wait to get into the painting... so I’m taking it as a lesson learned and moving on to bigger and better things

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    I understand and I support you, do what you feel is right for you. I started painting miniature 35 years ago and only this year I realised that I am still a noon in some aspect. You should see how I treat miniatures that I am frustrated with or feel shame... yeah they are in a "box" call trash can. Keep hacking and get Figopedia volume 1 from JBT at Figone.

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    For you and the rest of us CC lets edit my belief let’s say finished every model you start only is that model appeals to you in the first place. I think that’s more realistic for everybody.others are simply test pieces.

    andi def concur with Joce . I’m the advocate of figipedia- I got thatbook - 3 years ago and it changed my life. I reread it every so often to refresh my memory. But it’s a real eye opener as baily calls it. The moment I was done reading figopedia( 3 years ago ) “light and color theory volume one” the moment things started to click. Get that , get color theory by Betty Edwards , and this combined with the articles of “the stop sign rule” on the OZ ainters forums- this will show you where to place shades and highlights and what values of more or less shading/ highlighting values each part of the mini chop chop back to work.

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    Thanks Joce and John,
    well I looked into this figopedia a couple of weeks back, and am definitely going to get myself a copy... there’s a few publications I want to get my hands on, but at this stage I’m slowly trying to upgrade my paints a little and try out a few different brands... well it feels good to clear away all the things that were wearing my patience down and start on something fresh.. I will however dig out a couple of the things later to finish, but at this stage there out of sight and out of mind...
    i have decided to do a little unit to kick off again, have spent a lot of time the past day and a bit cleaning up the models and getting them nice and clean for painting!
    Name:  D35EEE5D-5445-413D-95ED-642DA5F7548A.jpeg
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    So yes BAM there is no time to rest and things are moving full steam ahead, I have a new found motivation to push along... I have managed to get one of the guys to a point where I’m happy to start the paint and have layed down the base coat for the flesh... after 4 thin coats I’m pretty chuffed with how smooth it has turned out (will make for a great foundation)... so onwards and upwards and I just have to keep reminding myself to take my time and not rush anything
    Name:  57450A98-E929-4584-A5B8-DC4C11B20975.jpeg
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    Best wishes on the reset. These new minis look to be mauch clean sculpts and casts to play with.

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    ORKKKKKS! nice solid bit of basecoating there...have to say I struggle to stay patient getting it the opacity you have.

    Most important thing initially is to find something that motivates you, whether that is a specific model, pushing yourself with learning something new, replicating a painting style...the list could be endless but at the point where you become bored mid paint job theres going to be a problem. Put it to one side...start something new.

    This hobby can be tough to motivate yourself and get the mojo to pick something up sometimes, I always find it when I've been away working and come back to a half finished model.

    The competion side has definatley helped me...deadlines and the ambition to up my game each time is a big motivator.

    Keep at it!

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    Thanks krule and hairster... yep these are much cleaner sculpts than what I have been painting and it’s really making a difference, and yeah hairster I’ve decided to really take the time to get the base coats opaque and uniform, I’m feeling this is something that’s going to make a big difference to get a nice smooth finish in the blending, so we’ll see how it goes...

    so I got the skin base coat down and then thought “hmmm colour scheme??? What clan to represent??”... i have come to the conclusion that these guys would come up a treat as bad moons, so I’m going to go a slight twist on the regular colour scheme, but keep it in line with the classic bad moons... has been about 20 years since I’ve painted a bad moon so this is going to be great!!!

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