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Thread: Anyone getting a This Looks Like Spam Message when attempting to create a thread.

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    Default Anyone getting a This Looks Like Spam Message when attempting to create a thread.

    Here’s a workaround.

    Open a thread with more than 10 letters and save it.
    Wait 5 minutes then edit the thread to put in a single picture.
    If it accepts that then you should be good to go.
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    This is how I managed to circumvent that particular thorn, so far it's never failed. Might be worth pointing out that i've also found that if you directly attach images (from HD etc) to the post then it will upload them consistently too. For some reason it just seems to hate [IMG] linked pictures.
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    Right, I've literally been getting this this week. Forgive a silly question, but when I reply to my own thread and try to link a photo from Photobucket I get this now I'm assuming it's the IMG link it doesn't like.
    Which is a pain ha. Am I going to have to change my ways?!

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