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    After 20 years away from brushes, i dug out the attic and found those old minis from Mithril. That was nice memories, enough to go for new adventures in the hobby....
    I didn't shot the initial paint i did on those, but decided to strip it (and the grey mithril primer as well) and start with those as a warm up.

    Base is a mix of cork, fimo for sculpted tiles, green stuff for roots and sand, primed with gesso.

    I first removed the ugly metal base those oldies were delivered with.
    Frodo suffered from an open fracture during pinning, which required a little milliput patch...we'll see how it's going on furher posts.
    Boromir had some significant mold lines, that the thick primer was hiding, while Frodo was nice and clean (until i drill his leg...ok...).

    Comments and advices for new comer are very welcome !

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    Welcome back. Nice start to the base

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    welcome back to the hobby. the base looks good

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    By the way, Frodo here will be played by his uncle Bilbo... but the stance fits the purpose of the scene, Frodo running away from Boromir !

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    Welcome back...I did similar around a year and a half ago...haven’t looked back.

    look forward to your updates.

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    nice one look forward to some progress of the nasty little hobitsiz

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