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    Ive recently invested in a low end SLR (Canon E400D), a cheap light box, tripod, and can use my phone as a remote trigger. The camera came with a stock lens. What I'm wondering about is whether the investment into a low end macro lens is going to have a significant return at this point, and if so, are there any particular lens' I should look into. At the moment I'd be happy spending ~£200 and am OK with going for something second hand.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    Play around with your "Stock" lens first. Although you don't state what the focal length /aperture combination is you may find that you are happy with the results as is.
    One thing you've not noted is lighting its going to be needed in some form, but again play around and look around until you find what you think suits you.
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    Not really tbh. Most miniature photography is not really macro photography per se if you don't want a super-close up of a head or something. Y

    However a good lens might be fun to use for other things apart from miniature photography. The cheap canon 50mm 1.8 for example might have you take glorious portraits. Or upgrade your kit lens to a second hand Tamron 2.8 which is a nice walk around with lens.

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    You can create great shots with a kit lens and basic camera for miniature photos. You need to create a light box and get some lights. This is the most important part. With a tripod focus on the mini. two cheap side lights and you will be able to create some great shots.

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