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    nice update to the goblin! Those Chaos marines are looking amazing, love the cracks you have painted on there

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    What a bunch of excellence in one update. Man oh man these all are looking fantastic so I am certain that when done they’ll be the “show stopper”

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    Some great stuff going on here mate... I can’t wait to see your version of abaddon!!!

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    Nice painting! Love your work.

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    While the Chaos marines are obviously excellent, I love your update to the Moria goblin! It is a classic sculpt and your version of it really looks fantastic. Wouldn't mind seeing some more LOTR minis out of you in the future but I'm happy to see whatever you're painting

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    Hi guys, as always I thank you for the comments!

    Here's a little commissioned roman legionary in 1/72 I've painted recently

    Name:  00.jpg
Views: 208
Size:  191.8 KBName:  01.jpg
Views: 205
Size:  196.1 KB
    Name:  02.jpg
Views: 205
Size:  194.2 KBName:  03.jpg
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    Name:  04.jpg
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Size:  194.3 KBName:  05.jpg
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    Name:  06.jpg
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Size:  182.2 KBName:  07.jpg
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Size:  182.7 KB

    And here's a WIP Gor Half Horn I'm painting for my local GW shop owner

    Name:  XXX_0002_Warstwa 1.jpg
Views: 177
Size:  112.9 KBName:  XXX_0003_Warstwa 0.jpg
Views: 177
Size:  104.9 KB
    Name:  XXX_0000_Warstwa 3.jpg
Views: 178
Size:  94.9 KBName:  XXX_0001_Warstwa 2.jpg
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Size:  103.6 KB

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    That power sword looks amazing! In fact the more I look at it the more awesome everything looks: the folds in the cloth, the detail on his backpack, the chips and scratches on the armor, everything. Well done!

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    Thank You dorb, You inspired me for more chips!

    Name:  GOR_0004_Warstwa 0.jpg
Views: 193
Size:  145.4 KB
    Name:  GOR_0000_Warstwa 4.jpg
Views: 193
Size:  142.3 KB
    Name:  GOR_0002_Warstwa 1.jpg
Views: 191
Size:  154.8 KB
    Name:  GOR_0003_Warstwa 2.jpg
Views: 192
Size:  145.2 KB
    Name:  GOR_0001_Warstwa 3.jpg
Views: 190
Size:  151.1 KB

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    I love your freehand work on the roman warrior shield.
    That is providing evidence that you have a steady hand. Good job!

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    Amazing job on the freehand of the legionary shield. Gor looks like he is shaping up really nicely. Love those hazard stripes on the chain sword

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    Really nice piece good color choice and nice freehand and scratches, good control on the brush. one thing I did notice that I think you could improve of in future works is the hair and fur, it looks a bit to unified at the moment you paint the invidual hairs, I do believe you would get better result thinking of the volumes instead and not the invidual strains of hair or fur.

    Will follow the thread now nice work

    work is boring when it gets in the way of my painting.

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    Thanks for advice, we will see what I can do about that's

    Meanwhile heres another wip

    Name:  IMG_20190606_224317.jpg
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Size:  270.3 KB
    Name:  IMG_20190606_224305.jpg
Views: 144
Size:  377.9 KB
    Name:  IMG_20190606_224252.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_20190606_224233.jpg
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    All looks marvelous matey!!! My favorite is the doggie!!! Well we’ll done!!!

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    Thanks BAM You're the best!

    Painted owner of the doggo

    Name:  vvv55_0001_Tło.jpg
Views: 117
Size:  310.7 KB
    Name:  vvv55_0000_Warstwa 1.jpg
Views: 116
Size:  321.6 KB

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    great looking duo you have there!

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    These guys look great! I love the contrast between the fur and the metal on doggo. The dude also looks great, I dig his facial tones.

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    What colors/technique did you use on the "rottie"? I really like the representation of the brown fur; it's noticeable, but not too loud. Same with the transition to the metal limb. How'd ya do it?

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