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    He’s looking excellent Arkaan. Nmm is pretty spot on, and those trousers are superb!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arkaan View Post
    Thanks KruleBear

    Maybe someone has an idea how to fix this?
    Attachment 68330Attachment 68331
    - request a replacement from Prodos.
    - after you have a good replacement cut it up for a base / diorama along the line
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    This is from yesterday, today my first baby was born one month earlier than planned so yeah, I dunno if I'll get time to paint now
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    Huge congrats on the birth of the littl’un buddy!

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    Mant thanks, his little fingers are so tiny and so detailed....

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    Arkaan, during the first year of his life you will actually have lots of free time, fun begins when he will start to walk

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    Hi Arkaan, can you plz tell me what's the base size of the Predator Elders?
    Could not find that information on the Prodos-Webpage... thx

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    Very cool. Congrats on the new family addition.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ddmkr View Post
    Arkaan, during the first year of his life you will actually have lots of free time, fun begins when he will start to walk
    I agree 100%. But at about 8 months you will need to re-arrange hobby supplies as they can reach new places, are mobile, and love putting everything in their mouth.

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    Predator Eldars base size is something around 38mm

    Well right now only I feed him with only modified milk every 3 hours so I have a blank illusion of time and day until I'll get used to it

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    Congrats! Sleep is for the weak. Painting can wait, babies are great you never get that time back and you can never replicate the experience of watching them grow so just enjoy it
    "Remember, you can't spell paint without a little pain."

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    I managed to get some painting time this weekend so I finished this guy.
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    And that thing with not buying new minis without finishing the already owned...
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    Last edited by Arkaan; 10-15-2018 at 07:27 AM.

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    Sword-axe-guy looks fantastic! I'd love to be able to do nmm like this, and you mix that fluidly with the cloth/leather/flesh too. Very nice!

    FWIW, I have 3 young kids (3yrold twins and a 6yrold), and right now I can get quality hobby time a couple of evenings a week.
    The great thing is showing them the stuff I make/paint, they think it is the coolest stuff ever

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    Khorne dude is superb all finished up. Great contrast on him.

    The goblin head is great too. Beautiful helmet.

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    Thanks for appreciation guys ^_^

    Just a little face update
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    And another nmm practice target I strugle to make nice thin edge highlight line, I think it is something with wrong paint consistency or lack of proper sleep
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    I am just starting to try and learn nmm myself, so no expert advice here, but
    Have you tried to tap the edge with your brush? So instead of trying to draw a line, make fine dots along the edge?
    The closer they are together, the more they blend, and even if they don't they can give the idea of sharp chipped edges on the metal.

    Good luck with the sleeping.

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    Nice! Your nmm keeps improving with each effort.

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    Some squig fast action :d
    <replaced brush for a new one :d >
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    Ah they look great. Really like your clean comic style with thaat deep conrast.

    When I see that correctly you work a lot with striping and layering with quite opaque colors to create that look rather then using glazes to smooth every transition is that right ?
    It came to me when I looked at the quigs lips and the "edge highlights" on the body. But I saw it too on the barbarian (which looks great as well btw).

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    Squigs look hungry, better feed em. They look great. Perfect little teeth-balls.

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    CyAniDe You're right, I'm too impatient for glazing, I very often paint new layer before previous dries completly and poof, now it's ruined I'm still trying to work out my style and how to paint to get best results. Squigs are rather a copy of how gw painted them but even with that they're quite different.

    Thanks, I'm really happy how they turned out. Now to find some more time to complete them

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