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    Done brother !!!! Excellent work on him too!!!

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    BIG THX!

    And now back to Zarbag

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    And some of my first minis I ever touched back in 2004. Only had one big brush from deagostini and the paints that were given in the magazine
    Eyes of moria goblins are state of the art beauty contest!
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    I wish to have a time to repaint those moria goblins, they are really nice minis ^^
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    A nice smooth start on zarbag.. this one is going to be good!

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    Good progress on Zarbag... this looks like you're going to have a success story with him.

    And have fun with the revamp project on these LotR minis :-)

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    Zarbag looks so cool - really clean and colorful. I remember painting LOTR minis way back as well, but I don't remember mine turning out that good

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    Great recent work in here.

    Zarbags crew overall look excellent, Squig teeth, bone and the NMM on the shroom toasting guy are the highlights for me though.

    Mallex again is excellent....particularly the hammerhead and skin highlights...they are spot on.

    Some lovely work

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    Great work on Zarbag, purple works really well.

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    Zarbag is such a wonderfully animated model with loads of noventa and dynamics. You’ve done such a wonderful job on all of that so far along.

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    Really great start on Zarbag! It is cool to see some of your first works as well to see how far you have advanced

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    Many thanks for all the comments!
    Theres no update on Zarbag because I didn't felt too good lately so I went easy on myself and didn't paint anything to get more sleep It worked.

    Yesterday I needed to test some scale75 paints I've recently bought
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    Bout time somebody with talent painted these . The first and the best of shadspyre. Now make us proud. Marvelous start!!!

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    Nice start Arkaan

    Olmo Castrillo did a wonderful squad of these at Fest last year - handy reference point

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    Thanks BAM but You're too generous
    And thank You Hairster, it's a nice reference!

    Some more work done, skin is complete and painted some of that red, unfortunately I have some paint limitations... But I love that matt finish of this scale75!
    Also the previous photo strangely shifted colors, this ones are more accurate, but still, I'm unable to take perfect photo, colors are always disturbed...

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    Nice work on the chaos guy. Nice work on his scars and those groin plates (and that is something I never thought I would have written down...)

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    I agree, the groin plates really stand out.

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    Nice work Arkaan. Really good definitions on the muscles.

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