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    Thanks guys! I'm doing this bands for a commission and there's some more wips. Orks are almost finished:

    Name:  orcs_L.jpg
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    I used some fine turf on bases of Farstriders, inspired by BaM
    Name:  shiny1_L.jpg
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    In the meantime I've painted Valerian and Aleya on Thuesdey and Friday evening
    Name:  s-l1600.jpg
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    Nice war band!
    And I love the Farstriders' base. Great work.

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    You seem to be on a real roll at the minute! churning out some great looking minis - love those Khorne and Orruk warbands

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    Hahaha that’s my man right there. Making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Your a champ mate. All extreme beutiful work.

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    Thanks guys! I'm rollin' wihout stoppin' :d Although I broke my HS ultra airbrush nozzle last week and had a little setback. Tomorrow I should receive the replacement and a new badger as a great addition

    Name:  mainorc2.jpg
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    Name:  far_L.jpg
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    And some NMM practice!

    Name:  kneht3.jpg
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Size:  93.5 KBName:  mieczedzidy2.jpg
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    WOW! Great work on these figures. Please tell me the farstriders are not nmm! I will have to take my figure down as the gold nmm looks like I dipped it in a puddle
    Really nice work on the nmm practice. I need to do more of that definitely and really appreciate the pictures of the weapon heads for examples

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    Thanks Eki! Farstriders are painted with Alclad II - Airframe Aluminium paint

    Here're links to the 360 videos:

    Also wanted to add some base close-ups
    Name:  Bez nazwy-1.jpg
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Size:  312.2 KBName:  bases3_l.jpg
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    The key to nmm is really high contrast I think. whites needs to meet blacks on small areas or something like that.
    Don't take anything down, You can do better on the next one!

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    Really nice and clean paint job on this thread. I love your minis man. Like @ekipage i was a little afraid (impressed) the gold on the Farstriders was an nmm... pfiou... it would have killed my wish to try it some day.
    The result is really impressive though!

    Love the bases too! What product do you use for the mos?

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    Many thanks!
    As for the moss is from Uncle BaM thread and it's called: woodland fine turf

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    Just left a double ten! The Orkboyz look marvellous, but the Farstriders are scoring them out.

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    Wow really nice job on all these different materials and techniques! I have to echo the other comments on how nice the Alclad chrome turned out. I appreciate the little reptile buddies on the ork bases too : )

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    Never used the Alclad paints before. May have to look them up

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    Thanks all!
    And now some Eyes of nine that closes the band painting for now

    Name:  dupaaa2_black_l.jpg
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    Name:  COLLAGE_BLACK_L.jpg
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    Wow! really nice work on this group. The middle two beasties are my favorites though, that purplish flesh goes well with the other colors on the figures. really nice work on the fire effect as well.

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    Thank You ekipage!

    Weekend project with scale75 paints
    Doomguy with chainsaw wroom wroom

    Name:  doom_b_0001_Warstwa 10.jpg
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    Voted + comment left for the gang!
    You're currently very productive ;-)

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    I like that chainsaw boy. Orange looks good against the green palette.

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    Great work as always Arkaan! Doom guy looks sweet as, the eyes look tremendous, and the knights are amazing.
    That ork takes the cake though, such rich red + green!

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