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    Quote Originally Posted by Coyotebreaks View Post
    This is looking awesome , like an actual scene from the game
    Exactly my thought. Nice job.

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    Dude this is sooooooo coool!!!! Wonderfully well done it really takes you in there

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    ekipage, gorb, Coyotebreaks, Dexter0015, Sik Willy, Lone Lemming
    Thank You for support!

    I tried painting the background and as for the clouds it's ok, but I don't feel that citadel is working out. Maybe I'll try to paint over a printed picture instead xD
    Name:  01.jpg
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    Name:  mm_0000_Warstwa 6.jpg
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    Name:  mm_0000_Warstwa 8.jpg
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    And Here're some pics of the cheap T-Rex I've picked up while buying toothbrush with intention of repainting it. I like the concept of feathered dinos

    Name:  03.jpg
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Size:  295.6 KBName:  04.jpg
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    Name:  06.jpg
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Size:  207.5 KBName:  05.jpg
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    And done some base to put him on whene I'm done with painting

    Name:  02.jpg
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    Super cool- love me some dinos... lizards were my first love in warhammer fantasy. As for the painting keep at it, maybe desaturate that blue. The more you play with it the closer you’ll get, it’s something I have to tell myself ALL the time

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    Very nice Dino. Your revamping work is looking fantastic - Thumbs up!

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    Great scene for the HL2 mini and for background I thought this might work (and be a little easier to paint than the tower)
    Name:  half-life-2-episode-two.jpg
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    But either way you do it it is sure to look great!

    You made that Dino look 1000% better! Great job on it so far and the base for it is looking stellar!

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    Sik Willy dinos were my childhood love, back then I wanted to be a paleontologist
    Thanks Graishak!
    ekipage that is also a cool idea!

    As for this HL2 dio I decided to post it as it is for now. My initial intention was that fence as the background, probably because I don't quite feel myself in painting backgrounds xd Maybe I will try to finish one for this later but I need to pass this challenge. It's to hard for me right now, so You can add -1 to Your voting ;p

    And here's dino

    Name:  dino_1080_0005_Warstwa 0.jpg
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Size:  378.6 KBName:  dino_1080_0004_Warstwa 1.jpg
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Size:  359.3 KBName:  dino_1080_0003_Warstwa 2.jpg
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Size:  354.3 KBName:  dino_1080_0002_Warstwa 3.jpg
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Size:  314.4 KBName:  dino_1080_0001_Warstwa 4.jpg
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Size:  247.5 KBName:  dino_1080_0000_Warstwa 5.jpg
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    Voted and comment left! I love the t-rex :-)

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    cool stuff. the HL2 dio looks grand. really cool dino to. nice job
    My WIP thread - where the painting and rambling happens

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    Thanks guys for all the votes and comments!

    Here's mr quake lemon wip
    Name:  Glad_0004_Warstwa 0.jpg
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Size:  402.2 KBName:  Glad_0000_Warstwa 4.jpg
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Size:  416.1 KBName:  Glad_0003_Warstwa 1.jpg
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Size:  420.7 KBName:  Glad_0002_Warstwa 2.jpg
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Size:  408.6 KBName:  Glad_0001_Warstwa 3.jpg
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    Some high performance work being shot out here!!!

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    Thanks BaM! He still needs some finishing but today came this guy


    Name:  kenshiro_l_0000_Warstwa 3.jpg
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Size:  320.7 KBName:  kenshiro_l_0002_Warstwa 1.jpg
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Size:  378.5 KBName:  kenshiro_l_0001_Warstwa 2.jpg
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Size:  333.5 KBName:  kenshiro_l_0003_Warstwa 0.jpg
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    Really nice tidy painting on the new models. Such fast painting to , impressive
    My WIP thread - where the painting and rambling happens

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    Quake guy looks amazing, and Michael Jackson guy too.
    I love the way you shade the skin. Any tips or insights you can share?

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    Thanks Coyotebreaks! And man, I'm all about speed but also I'm wearing myself out with lack of sleep.

    Thanks gorb! Michael reference killed me xD (As for the mini it's Kenshiro from Fist Of The North Star. And man, this one is ridiculous, it's about guys who punch people in vital pressure points to cause explosion of head or body in a post nuclear world setting. It's so dumb and hilarious and I love it for that.)
    As for the skin I had different approach in quake dude and Kenshiro. Both recieved horizontal white. The skin was then painted with bugman's glow (I'm usin vallejo game color - tan - it's similliar). Then some reikland fleshshade. The quake guy then recieved layers of tan - cadian flesh - kieslev flesh - and some flayed one flesh highlight. As for Kenshiro after reikland fleshshade I was using cadian flesh with glazing layers and building up color. I also used some doombool brown on receses. then I mixed flayed one flesh with cadian flesh to glaze layers in smaller area.

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    Top notch work man!! You’re killin it right now! And to second gorb damn you’re fast!

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    Many thanks Willy and Canny!

    So here's Gladiator

    Name:  green_l_0001_Warstwa 4.jpg
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Size:  274.9 KBName:  green_l_0000_Warstwa 5.jpg
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Size:  282.5 KBName:  green_l_0002_Warstwa 3.jpg
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Size:  264.5 KBName:  green_l_0003_Warstwa 2.jpg
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Size:  262.9 KBName:  green_l_0004_Warstwa 1.jpg
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    And I've done the base for Kenshiro
    Name:  IMG_20191104_084551.jpg
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