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    Nice, like the blood on the floor reminds me of the game days!

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    nicely done. really good looking paint job. I like the details on the base too. very real looking
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    Thank You all guys for the comments so I can keep on pushing!

    Comes another!

    Name:  02.jpg
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    Level level level upppppppp upppppppp and awayyyy

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    The yellow looks fantastic.

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    Mamy Thanks BAM and bullfrog!

    Here are some accessories for this guy and base with some cracker concrete. Maybe I should make something bigger instead.

    Name:  IMG_20191020_161807.jpg
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    That looks like a lot of stuff to put on that base. Maybe use the base for him and either the cinder blocks or crate and then use a plinth or something and extend the cracked concrete onto there and then use the barrel, palette and cinder blocks or crate to add to the scene? Unless this is for actual gaming then it base size would be a problem. But that base looks cool (I can almost see it being marble vice concrete)

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    I decided to make bigger scenic base eki!

    So I planned:
    Name:  IMG_20191020_175822.jpg
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    And after gluing all of my fingers together:
    Name:  IMG_20191020_234514.jpg
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Size:  418.0 KBName:  IMG_20191020_234523.jpg
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    Nice! This should look great for that figure

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    Lovely work on Gordon!....was justing thinking a headcrab could make this scene fun....and there it is! Some classic halflife scenery there too....

    Maybe a backboard with a skyline and picture of the Citadel looming in the background might be interesting...?

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    Hairster, I was just thinking about that and You ensured me! I also was thinking about some breencast

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    Nice! yeah a looming bearded head on a giant screen could be good too!

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    cool stuff, that base will really suit the model. looking forward to seeing paint on it .
    My WIP thread - where the painting and rambling happens

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    Lots of work to be done but here's the progress. I thing I'll go with that kind of citadel if I'll be able to paint it

    Name:  lo_sh__0001_Warstwa 1.jpg
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Size:  967.7 KBName:  lo_sh__0000_Warstwa 2.jpg
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    or you could do the blue vortex thing they had in the sky. But that tower is looking really nice if you drew it up!

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    This is utterly great Arkaan! The headcrab, the crate, the crowbar... you are absolutely killing it.

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    This is looking awesome , like an actual scene from the game
    My WIP thread - where the painting and rambling happens

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