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    Hello there,
    My name's Adam and I'm from Poland. I've fought with myself to make or not to make this thread for some time now. And finally decided for this step, mainly to monitor my work and progress, but also I hope to recieve some more coments and criticism
    I've been painting miniatures and posting pictures for about two years now. I'm still trying to learn some advanced technics and struggling to shape my style of painting miniatures.

    For some time now I'm working on Mortarion. At this stage I've finished all the armor pieces but I didn't make photos of shoulder pads with arms. Last evening I've painted the head

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    Hi there,
    Nice clean painting, looks really good... great job on the red cloth, excellent blending.

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    Strong start i like what you are doing!
    "Remember, you can't spell paint without a little pain."

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    Yeah, really nice start and looking silky smooth on that green armour.

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    Thanks for comments

    I used airbrush for making the main transition of colours on the model parts. The armour transitions was practically only airbtushed. As for cloth pieces after airbrushing i made some thin layers to give more colour and saturation and to add more brightness for stronger contrast.

    Yesterday evening I finished another piece from the back of the model
    Also the picture of hands I painted earlier and a test fit with big parts that are work in progress
    As for that fitting, unfortunately left arm is hard to push in, and it's really easy to scrap the paint of with the tube piece thah goes from shoulderpad to chest piece.
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    thats looking really good so far, very tidy painting and colours . the Armour may benefit from a little darker shadows though I reckon. but might just be my tastes so feel free to ignore

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    I've managed to get distracted from Morty :P
    I tested some NMM on this old mini from the past. It looks way better in real life than on this picture. But it shows my problem with managing space between layers
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    I decided that I'm not pleased with previous NMM attempt and repainted it again. I try to learn how to make good effect on that one. I hope it's better than previous photo
    Also I'm struggling with robe part, I'm not particularly good at it
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    I finished painting this elf guy, unfortunately I don't have any base for him at the moment. Comments and critique are welcome
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    Very nice and clean... needs a base though
    "Remember, you can't spell paint without a little pain."

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    The only thing that I can honestly say that a work in progress is for beyond anything else is to aid an individual to becoming a more adept painter of miniatures. Most of us come on and say we’re here to do this and do that . There are those of us get in to have our egos striked thinking that there amazing painters. Some get on to keep us focused to finish something. When I got on I thought all these things. I soon realized I was faced with a fork in the ol painting road. 1) do I take the tons of free advice by all these master painters and use it to improve.2) do I assume they know nothing and stay in my course of the same monotonous routine we’re I paint something and I’m the ONLY one that doesn’t see how much I need to improve.
    ive seen your work bud and you have an outstanding foundation. I take you as having the fire, to get more and more out of your steady progression. I def feel your willing to get as much as you can out of the forums ,again their main reason for existing is to help aid us in our quest to become better painter.
    as far as mortarion or any other figure I start by telling everybody to do some research of basic articles like highlight/shadow placemat-go in the OZ painters blog and look up the -STOP SIGN rule. It’s the basisfor miniature painting where to place your shading and also your highlights-
    2) go to reapers site and look up the craft- “the art of thinning paint” this will help you with how to visually understand how to attain certain thicknesses of the mixtures of water,paint, flowimprivers/ retardants and what each is used for when it comes to basecoating, layering ,2 brush blending etc etc.

    next how to work with colors and what hues to pick for shading (eg shade cool complimentary /highlight warm analogous )
    these choices are just as important as the technical facets of blending etc, a book for your library explaining these theories is called
    COLOR THEORY -by Betty Edwards
    this should be a good amount of homework for anybody looking to enhance their skills - now chop chop go paint a model )

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    Thank you for replying!
    It's sometimes hard for me to see what needs improvement in my painting. Last time on this forum I was made awere of unevenness of my work nad I tried to remember that when I was painting that lotr elf.

    This stop sign rule is interesting and I did't stumble across it earlier. As for the thinning thing, I was testing Glaze medium from Vallejo recently. Previously I was going testing other stuff like lahmian medium, acrylic retarder, mixing in proportions with water etc. I'm in the experimenting area, and I'm struggling to learn this tricky stuff. And with that you mentioned it, I realised I'm still far away from learning it.
    And about color theory, I watched tutorials, and read some materials before. I could use this knowledge to try it already, but totally forgot about this aspect. I'll try to practice it on the next one

    Mortarion... I don't know if I should even start that one. It's killing me because there was a time I was painting it furiously, and with some other things that was going in my life I had to put it away. And my love to that model burn out on that big chunks of cloth. I just need to finish it asap and put it on ebay. Also I didn't planned nothing special for this model, just plane tabletop painting that won't get me nowhere in means of advancement. It's killing me as I have a need to advance

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    Keep posting your experimentation. I am still intimidated by effective nmm and I am learning a lot when I watch guys like you trying to figure it out and making great progress at it.

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    KruleBear - I'm painting chaos lord in NMM on chaos lord paintalong thread. I changed the way of painting gold but it's not perfect yet.

    As for here I painted first nurgling, it was more speed painted so nothing fancy
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    Some bigger update on Mortarion, since last weekend was more productive
    I've painted 3 more nurglings including one additional which was given to me by a friend. He's charging with some intestine
    Also painted the base and planted Mortarion on it at last

    Now I need to paint two flying companions, the scythe and wings
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    Coming along really nicely much to take in on this mini....It's so intensely busy i'm not sure if I would love or loathe to paint it personally.

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    Nicely and neatly paintwork. Tidy work on an over detailed model. Very aspiring job. Keep em going.

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    I've had some major break from painting, but I'm back. And for a worm up before forcing myself to finish Mortarion I've painted this colorful character for my friend.
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    Great work Arkaan, this gal looks great, some really nice effects painted onto this. Well done

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    Neat mini and the highlighting on the boots really stands out nicely to me.

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