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    Echo the others, good work all round, the bat squig is fantastic though. Particularly like what you did on the tongue

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    Thanks to all for the comments!
    I think I found a way to fix my troll

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    Do You guys have any advise on how to brace a hand onto painted part of the mini and don't mess the paint there?

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    Nice work there! Adding the freehand texture does make it look a lot better. Maybe some blu-tac stuffed in the arm part, but wouldn't be a solid hold. probably the best I could think of is just to pin the hand and attach it, if you want to remove it in the interim just use very little glue to hold it.

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    Ark your freehand skills are awesome keep up the good work.

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    Mind.BLOWN high !!!!!!!

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    Excellent solution for the troll!

    Quote Originally Posted by Arkaan View Post
    Do You guys have any advise on how to brace a hand onto painted part of the mini and don't mess the paint there?
    I used to use plastic wrap, same as I used for sandwiches.

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    I think if you have reached a certain Level of painting you do techniques that are time consuming and you cannot simply rush everything to do speed painting. As soon as you start putting more time into the mini you can see it getting better. In the past I could paint a mini in a few hours. Now that isn't possible any more. Even if I wanted I couldn't paint a mini in two hours. Some people, however manage it, but think you have to go back to simple techniques like inking and dry brushing. If you paint every single highlight one by one you need time to make it look good.

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    Awesome work with the skin texture... similar concept to bohuns latest troggoth he’s going to look great when finished...
    now for the touching of painted parts, I have seen the like of banshee use cling wrap around the figure to avoid paint rubbing off. I have tried this and it does work

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    Do You guys have any advise on how to brace a hand onto painted part of the mini and don't mess the paint there?
    I'ld try gloves. But avoid cloth. With these I actually managed to scrape some paint off and they catch sharp edges or spiky details. Best are cheap vinyl gloves or nitrile. Vinyl usually got a smoother surface though then nitrile. But in any case you may want to handle it gentle^^ xD.

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    Texture looks great, my man.

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    Use latex gloves. I do when airbrushing and it should protect both the paint and your skin!

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    I can only echo what others have said, this troll is going to look amazing! Keep the updates coming!

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    Absolutely gorgeous! Great mini’s and love the colors. You could brace the hand with kebab skewer sticks and blue tack or wire and tack. I think Vince Venturella covers it in some of his hobby cheating videos. Seriously great job though, look forward to seeing more

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    Thanks for all the replays and advices!

    Long time without painting, only one weekend is needed to stop, and a whole bunch to start over. I was struggling with myself for that time to start painting again, and last weekend I finally did it. I didn't paint the Troll as I want to warm up so I decided to go with CSM guy.

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    Ahhhh !!! Def a super comeback!!! Nicely done so far arks!!!

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    Stunning work, I do like your eye for details and you fixed that troll's skin a treat!

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    Thanks guys!
    It took me a week but I got him finished (expect the base lol)

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    Loving the textures on the shoulder armor! Very good work!

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    Really cool! I don't typically care for the Chaos Marines, but I like the way you've painted these.

    Keep 'em coming!

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