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    These look fantastic Arkaan! Ortruum 8-8 reminds me of Baron Harkonnen.

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    Thanks for replays guys

    Long time no update here because of lack of time. So here's what I was doing for all that time:

    Name:  aliens2_l.jpg
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Size:  288.2 KBName:  aliens1.jpg
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Size:  563.5 KB

    Alien Queen wip
    Name:  q3l.jpg
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Size:  209.4 KBName:  q1l.jpg
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Size:  201.5 KBName:  q2l.jpg
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    Predator finished
    Name:  Pred_L_0006_Warstwa 0.jpg
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Size:  246.3 KBName:  Pred_L_0005_Warstwa 1.jpg
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Size:  286.3 KBName:  Pred_L_0004_Warstwa 2.jpg
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Size:  295.3 KBName:  Pred_L_0003_Warstwa 3.jpg
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Size:  272.4 KBName:  Pred_L_0002_Warstwa 4.jpg
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Size:  343.1 KBName:  Pred_L_0001_Warstwa 5.jpg
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Size:  339.9 KBName:  Pred_L_0000_Warstwa 6.jpg
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    Female predator WIP
    Name:  IMG_20200114_080156.jpg
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Size:  218.2 KBName:  IMG_20200114_080220.jpg
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Size:  256.7 KBName:  IMG_20200114_080257.jpg
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Size:  198.8 KBName:  IMG_20200114_080324.jpg
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Size:  286.7 KBName:  IMG_20200114_080341.jpg
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    Comission Van Saar Leader
    Name:  00.jpg
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Size:  44.1 KBName:  03.jpg
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Size:  39.7 KBName:  IMG_20200123_231227_0000_Warstwa 1.jpg
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Size:  141.7 KBName:  IMG_20200123_231227_0002_Warstwa 2.jpg
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    I’m in love with the predabroad!!!! Lol all looks anazing

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    Really nice job on all of these figures! I really like the Female Pred, great color choice for the armor on her. And that Van Saar leader is looking really cool as well. Like the effect you painted on the shield

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    Some update on Van Saar, I still need to paint second arm (last pic) as they are both magnetized
    Name:  VS_L_0006_Warstwa 0.jpg
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Size:  345.6 KBName:  VS_L_0005_Warstwa 1.jpg
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Size:  339.3 KBName:  VS_L_0004_Warstwa 2.jpg
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Size:  353.1 KBName:  VS_L_0003_Warstwa 3.jpg
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Size:  359.3 KBName:  VS_L_0002_Warstwa 4.jpg
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Size:  351.3 KBName:  VS_L_0001_Warstwa 5.jpg
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Size:  363.8 KBName:  VS_L_0000_Warstwa 6.jpg
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    And another WIP ;p
    Name:  SAN_L_0002_Warstwa 0.jpg
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Size:  381.5 KBName:  SAN_L_0001_Warstwa 1.jpg
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Size:  349.8 KB
    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    All of these are wonderful! The reflections on the heads of the xenomorphs (?), the shield on the Van Saar leader, and the NMM on the metal mask on the mini in the last few photos you posted really caught my eye! Looking forward to your progress on everything here.

    WIP Thread

    "I wonder if there's beer on the sun."

    - Zap Rowsdower

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    The aliens look marvellous, but the predator is scoring it out!!!
    Are you going to load him into your gallery?

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    Van Saar in looking great. really cool colour scheme nice detail work with the battle damage to.
    My WIP thread - where the painting and rambling happens

    My Instagram - where I post pictures every now and again

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    Wooah - I've missed a lot on this thread.

    Predators and Aliens are all well on point - some nice NMM style going on to get that glossy wet look on the aliens

    Van Saar look great - excellent attention to detail and nice touch with the energy shields

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    I need to admit that the heads of aliens are just coated with gloss varnish as it was just quick tt paint job. But I'm happy it looks so well :P

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    Arkaan, these are amazing! I love your color choices, and the chunky style combined with the smooth blends suit these models so well.

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    Graishak I will definitely upload it, but I'm not sure if to go for it now or when I'll finish the whole group of them

    Just a little more on this one
    Name:  gold_l_0000_Warstwa 1.jpg
Views: 139
Size:  311.1 KBName:  gold_l_0001_Warstwa 0.jpg
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Size:  358.3 KB

    Eyros v2 WIP
    Name:  eyros2_0003_Warstwa 0.jpg
Views: 140
Size:  267.0 KBName:  eyros2_0002_Warstwa 1.jpg
Views: 140
Size:  255.8 KBName:  eyros2_0001_Warstwa 2.jpg
Views: 140
Size:  210.0 KBName:  eyros2_0000_Warstwa 6.jpg
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Size:  243.1 KB

    CG leader and VS leader vote please

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    nice work on the bust. really nice NMM . good contrast
    My WIP thread - where the painting and rambling happens

    My Instagram - where I post pictures every now and again

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    Excellent progress!!!

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    Thanks Coyotebreaks and BaM! As for the gold hawk boy it's full mini not a bust ^_^
    Name:  IMG_20200123_144407.jpg
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Size:  154.0 KB

    Eyros is almost finished, I will do some final touches only:
    Name:  ES2_L_0000_ES_H_0000_01.jpg.jpg
Views: 101
Size:  151.1 KBName:  ES2_L_0001_ES_H_0001_02.jpg.jpg
Views: 100
Size:  166.1 KBName:  ES2_L_0002_ES_H_0002_03.jpg.jpg
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Size:  159.9 KBName:  ES2_L_0003_ES_H_0003_04.jpg.jpg
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Size:  139.1 KBName:  ES2_L_0004_ES_H_0004_05.jpg.jpg
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Size:  137.7 KB

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    Wow, Eyros looks fantastic Arkaan!
    Again, you with the texture + metals, you've got what 3 different metals there? and they all look amazing. Then the leather and the cloak... very nice!

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    Thank You gorb for continuous support!

    I've uploaded Eyros to the gallery

    Name:  ESV2_BL_0000_Warstwa 9.jpg
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Size:  245.9 KB

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    Wow incredible, he looks amazing, the metal in particular is extremely nice.

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    The cloak on Eyros is really nice. Van Saar leader is great too. Predators look awesome and you have been able to achieve a nice tonal variation on the aliens.

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    Thanks guys!
    Last week I've finished Corpse Grinder Cult Initiates

    Name:  CGI_L_W.jpg
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Size:  257.1 KB

    And some weekend projects: Berserk

    Started at friday evening and finished it sunday noon. With breaks of course xD

    Name:  GUTS_L_0000_Warstwa 11.jpg
Views: 55
Size:  176.6 KBName:  GUTS_L_0001_Warstwa 10.jpg
Views: 55
Size:  166.3 KBName:  GUTS_L_0002_Warstwa 9.jpg
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Size:  150.2 KBName:  GUTS_L_0003_Warstwa 8.jpg
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Size:  161.5 KBName:  GUTS_L_0004_Warstwa 7.jpg
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Size:  167.7 KBName:  GUTS_L_0005_Warstwa 6.jpg
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Size:  161.6 KBName:  GUTS_L_0006_Warstwa 5.jpg
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Size:  155.8 KBName:  GUTS_L_0007_Warstwa 4.jpg
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Size:  175.5 KBName:  GUTS_L_0008_Warstwa 3.jpg
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Size:  174.3 KB
    And he's even got the brand of sacrifice xd
    Name:  head.jpg
Views: 57
Size:  52.8 KB

    With some sunday left I've started working on Zodd
    Name:  ZODD_L_0000_Warstwa 2.jpg
Views: 55
Size:  176.5 KBName:  ZODD_L_0002_Warstwa 0.jpg
Views: 55
Size:  175.7 KBName:  ZODD_L_0001_Warstwa 1.jpg
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