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    Thanks Guys!

    DaBeebs, first I've used horizontal lighting from airbrush, then I've glazed some black, then I've used dark reaper and started making small thin lines with it, then i reapeted few times over with adding more and more fenrisian grey to dark reaper. The brown spots I've glazed with some brown color but do't remember whitch one and highlighted it as I was going along with everything. The metal is leadbelcher then nuln oil, then rust pigment with pigment fixer ant then highlight with vallejo airbrush steel. All this in less than 3 hrs ;p

    Here's some vote pics of the duo

    Name:  S_DOGGIE AND HOGGIE_2_0000_X1.jpg
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Size:  119.2 KB
    Name:  S_DOGGIE AND HOGGIE_2_0001_X2.jpg
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    Name:  S_DOGGIE AND HOGGIE_2_0002_X3.jpg
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    Name:  S_DOGGIE AND HOGGIE_2_0003_X4.jpg
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    Name:  S_DOGGIE AND HOGGIE_2_0004_X5.jpg
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Size:  114.0 KB

    now I noticed I've somehow touched leg of doggie with some steel while painting base :f
    Name:  S_DOGGIE AND HOGGIE_2_0005_X6.jpg
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    Name:  S_DOGGIE AND HOGGIE_2_0006_XX.jpg
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    And the next one that was painted yesterday but better photos will come when I'll finish another one whitch will be Baertrum Arturos III

    Name:  SSS_0000_Warstwa 3.jpg
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Size:  99.4 KBName:  SSS_0001_Warstwa 2.jpg
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    Name:  SSS_0002_Warstwa 1.jpg
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Size:  98.8 KBName:  SSS_0003_Warstwa 0.jpg
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    Thanks gorb!
    Here's wip of another one It needs another session

    Name:  xywz_0000_Warstwa 1.jpg
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Size:  159.5 KBName:  xywz_0001_Warstwa 0.jpg
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Size:  155.7 KB

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    really nice job on these two figures Arkaan! Have to agree with Gorb about the fluid in the tanks/vials looking really nice

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    What a dynamite blast of awesomeness that you have readily given to these two bounty hunters.

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    Thanks guys! You are keeping me motivated!

    so here goes another one

    Name:  64545802_2729738560431331_3275846160241131520_n.jpg
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    Voted on both. Your latest work is looking great so far. The skin shading is very good!

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    Such great work on display here as always! I don't play Necromunda but I'm often tempted to try my hand at painting some of the minis. They look like a lot of fun to work on and the newest guy looks really amazing. Those red robes are really vibrant and the sculpt itself is great too. I voted on both of your most recent minis and look forward to more updates in the near future

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    This guy looks great! Nice work on the red cloth and the skin tones.

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    These latest guys are all pretty cool, but I love the colors on the dogs coat.

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    Thanks for comments!

    A little break from necromunda, I've got some flesh eater start collecting with this sweet terrorgheist waiting to be painted. And stumbled accross a nice tutorial from mengelminiatures for the crypt flyers with contrast paints. And I've wanted to try it out so here's the result. Still not finished but I'm allready quite happy with how it looks

    Name:  CF1_0000_Warstwa 1.jpg
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    Name:  CF1_0001_Warstwa 0.jpg
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    Now this is how you use contrast paints.

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    very nice! I have yet to crack the seal on the few contrast paints I bought to try out, might have to fix that real soon.

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    Thanks guys! But remember, I usaed someone elses tutorial to achieve this effect

    And now back to necromunda
    Yolanda Skorn Bounty Hunter

    Name:  S_YS_0005_Warstwa 0.jpg
Views: 97
Size:  102.5 KBName:  S_YS_0004_Warstwa 1.jpg
Views: 97
Size:  97.1 KBName:  S_YS_0003_Warstwa 2.jpg
Views: 97
Size:  101.4 KBName:  S_YS_0002_Warstwa 3.jpg
Views: 98
Size:  94.4 KBName:  S_YS_0001_Warstwa 5.jpg
Views: 97
Size:  101.1 KBName:  S_YS_0000_Warstwa 6.jpg
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Size:  97.4 KB

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    The flesheater has a nice contrast, I like it.
    Btw... you're very productive these days. I'm jealous!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arkaan View Post
    Thanks guys! But remember, I usaed someone elses tutorial to achieve this effect
    Hey you still had to have the ability to actually paint it, so all credit goes to you

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    Thank you!

    Graishak this productivity comes with a price on my health ;d
    But I feel very inspired to paint and paint and paint even more. Those necromunda guys aren't my figures so maybe this adds up to the equation

    Also I used overexposed photos of Yolanda instead of good ones because I was in a hurry :/ Here are better ones

    Name:  S_fix_0005_Warstwa 0 kopia.jpg
Views: 133
Size:  98.6 KBName:  S_fix_0004_Warstwa 2.jpg
Views: 133
Size:  87.1 KBName:  S_fix_0003_Warstwa 3.jpg
Views: 132
Size:  91.0 KBName:  S_fix_0002_Warstwa 4.jpg
Views: 134
Size:  84.7 KBName:  S_fix_0000_Warstwa 6.jpg
Views: 132
Size:  87.3 KB

    And I started work on a big bat

    Name:  64749559_2238411549805830_8302200623873392640_n.jpg
Views: 131
Size:  178.9 KB
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