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    Mortarion looks great , really like the colours you are using .

    the recent mini is cool also , the colours all work well and it's a very clean paint job

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    Thank you all for comments ^^
    Escher Leader is finally on base and up to vote

    But Mortarion is still waiting in standby as I went for one of my Space Wolves. More of a faster work than neat.
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    Very nice Arkaan, for a quick paint job it turned out great!!!

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    Nice work on the space wolf. Looks tidy despite you saying it isn’t

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    Thanks guys ^^ I still have some more of this wolfy wolfs to paint, I feel like I will never play this game xD
    Mortarion is finished <sort of, I didn't paint the cloudy extra bits>

    Name:  Mortarion2hd 01.jpg
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    Voted buddy. Really nice clean painting, can’t see any faults at all. The loincloth is gorgeous and the bluey-white smoke wafts are awesomely smooth.

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    Really great job. Very clean paintjob with super smooth blendings on such a big model with so many details. The wings look amazing and I love the nurglings (the small guys on the base, hope I got the name right ^^).
    Although already looking very good, in my opinion the green armor and the metals on both the two guns could use a bit more contrast. The bones on the melee weapons look kinda flat compared to the big bony horns that are coming out of the shoulderpad. But all that is pretty high level critique. And I really had to look at it and think about what might be missing for really a long time.

    Great respect for your endurance to paint such a big model on such a high level.

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    Outstanding work Arkaan!!! Looks awesome... can see you put a lot of time into this, well done mate.

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    Many thanks guys for all the comments ^_^

    Foxtail If you look closely you will find some faults ;D But for now I won't spoil where to look :P And BTW Your Morty was heading much more detailed way if we compare the nurgling bits. They really inspired me to paint mine Hope You will get back to this someday, but I know it's hard stuff. Such a big thing with so many details. It killed my eagerness many times.

    CyAniDe You're right about the nurglings ^_^ And I agree to all You wrote. The green armor contrast could be higher. But as I done it as a first thing on that model with airbrush I wasn't to eager to change it later in fear of destroying what was already done. As for the bony part on scythe. I don't know why I've decided to do bones differently. It's probably because of long periods of time between painting some parts of this model. And now I know it wasn't a smart idea xD

    Chaotic Creations It was really a time consuming and mind bogging big project. I'm happy I don't have to paint it anymore I'm both glad and furious for taking on this model

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    Big models are very tough- especially that it is required to stay at that same high level of motivation/ or it can be easy for the eyes to pick up parts of the model that aren’t up to the same standard- often folks rush through the end parts to finish a time lengthy endeavor!!! Not the case , as the entire model is e trembly well Painted from back to front/top to bottom!!! Bravo on this- voted/ commented and I favs list!!!

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    great work on the mortarion. the finished model looks really nice. really cool colour scheme and tidy panting. nice job.

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    Many thanks BloodASmedium and Coyotebreaks
    I'm overwhelmed by all this positive feedback ^_^

    I've painted some more space wolves for my collection

    Name:  01.jpg
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    Name:  03.jpg
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    And also daemonette prototype

    Name:  02.jpg
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    Last edited by Arkaan; 03-22-2018 at 09:30 AM.

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    excellent stuff. really cool looking space wolf army.

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    I've got 4 more grey hunters here:

    Name:  01.jpg
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    And 5 magnetized long fangs:

    Name:  02.jpg
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    And some tempting Ork Nobz:

    Name:  03.jpg
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    But as I recently upgraded my cheap Chinese airbrush to H&S Ultra I went for Ahriman:

    Name:  01.jpg
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    Now that’s one solid looking space wolves army your building up there !!! They look awesome...
    oh and I like the colour choice for the daemonette, looks quite nice...

    oh yeah dig out those orks, I’m finding them super fun to paint atm... looks like you got heaps of little projects to keep you busy, looking forward to watching these progress

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    I've got even more of this little projects, little to much I think

    Some update on Ahriman
    Name:  02.jpg
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    No big progres on Ahriman, but started another Daemonette

    Name:  04.jpg
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    Name:  02.jpg
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    You are hitting the simple scheme on the Daemonette out if the park.

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    Oh yeah, brilliant paint jobs on the Thousand Son and Daemonette.

    Although I must admit I'm a bit sad that GW took the sexy out of those daemonettes... Slaanesh works better when it's a dirty, guilty pleasure, instead of just being an ugly daemon.
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