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    That red is super cool Arkaan!
    I'm going to guess a darker red shaded with dark green, and orange highlights. Am I close? What's the recipe?

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    Been keeping an eye on these on Instagram as usual....your painting has definitely turned up a notch or three Arkaan.

    They have a definite Forgeworld box art vibe about them. Lovely stuff

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    Really nice color scheme and great mastering of gradients. Will you add battle damage effects on armors, like you did on your Ambot ? Because it's very well done!

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    Thank You all guys!!

    gorb You're almost right, instead of green I used a blueish color, The Fang from citadel. Other colors: Mephiston red, evil sunz scarlet, wild rider red, firedragon bright.

    Thank You greatly Hairster, I wish I can improve further

    Thanks Kallfa, I don't think so, because I want to paint all the grinders on that standard in relatively short time. But I've got commission for another one I've already painted and that one will receive some of that weathering

    And I went on Hussar this year. I wanted to got my work to master category but I freaked out, lost my confidence and went all to standard...

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    WOOWWW!!!!! Congrats bro you cleaned up!! Well deserved!!! The corpse grinder looks amazing, as usual! You’re killin it dude!

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    Thanks for the color recipe Arkaan, and congratulations on the loot! You do deserve it!

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    Great haul of awards there! Congratulations on medaling at Hussar!

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    ​Congratulations on the major success at Hussar!

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