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    Thanks guys!
    You right Meph, they would be much better with all of those nice features
    Another little bit of Ahriman painted ^_^

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    Oh yeah, looking really nice

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    looking good arkaan. nice tones in that red

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    Another many thanks! ^_^
    It's getting really exhausting

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaotic Creations View Post
    oh yeah dig out those orks, I’m finding them super fun to paint atm... looks like you got heaps of little projects to keep you busy, looking forward to watching these progress
    You called for uz boss?
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    OH YEAH!!!!! That’s what I’m talking about off to a great start with the skin, I see the airbrush gives it a really smooth blend to start with... looks fantastic. I welcome these guys with open arms to the horde

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    Nice start on the orcs. Nice contrast in the skin
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    Thanks guys ^_^

    Quote Originally Posted by Chaotic Creations View Post
    OH YEAH!!!!! That’s what I’m talking about off to a great start with the skin, I see the airbrush gives it a really smooth blend to start with... looks fantastic. I welcome these guys with open arms to the horde

    Airbrush gives really good head start on everything ;D
    I've airbrushed some white zenithal lighting from above, then some warboss green onto it. Next step was overall washes with biel-tan green and then waaagh! flesh (made into wash). For the highlighting I've started with glazes of warboss green, then warboss green + skarsnik green, then skarsnik green, and then skarsnik green with ogryn camo. The first glazes was unnecessary as I've concluded later. Final step was skarsnik green with ogryn camo mixed with white for some highlighting lines.

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    Well the skin looks great man, really pops, great choice of colours... I’m eagerly awaiting to see how these progress, along with all your other projects.

    its funny how how you say the 1st glaze was unnecessary, sometimes I think this when building up colours, but then I realise that even though it’s not notacable it actually gives a bit of body to the next progression and really makes a difference smoothing out the transition.

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    Excellent work-vibrant colors- I normally don’t paint with this kind of pallete but when I see others do it I always am so quick to eat this visual and beautyful eye candy!!!

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    Those orks are looking superb so far Arkaan. Really top notch skin. Loving these!

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    Well that took me awhile but at last I'm back at painting.Nonetheless thank you all for comments!

    He's not perfect but must do the job

    This weekend I started on my sepulchral guard, and they are nearly finished. I need to finish the copper parts, red cloth and the eyes maybe, we will see

    bigger resolution at
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    Welcome back, mate! And good stuff to show, w00p w00p!
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    They look great. Really moody and atmospheric.

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    Fantastic work on this latest stuff, all looking great... I really like the ork skin, very cool.

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    NICELY DONE ARKY ON BOTH.THE ORK ......beutiful greens and a long very black all around( not easy but you’ve crafted it beautifully bud).) the guard...what can I say I’ve seen so many versions including my own and each one ( yours the most recent) more astonishing than the one before. Job well done on some sensational work.

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    Lovely work, the sepulchral guard look great particularly

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    Love the skin and muscle work on the Ork Arkaan, really nice tonal work and use of highlights to create the muscle structures.

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    Many thanks for all comments guys ^_^
    BAM You give me too much credit for guard, I've just drybrushed the hell of them bones and iron

    I've managed to finish them yesterday ;D

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    I've painted some Gors that were hiding in closet for over 2 years. One with the big axe was painted at that time long ago so it looks a bit different. I only foused on painting good skin, the rest was just some relaxing distraction from all the life problems.

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