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    Very impressive looking base!!!

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    Way to go endless !!!

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    Name:  200E3F68-6E3F-47F8-8F4E-054EC4729630.jpg
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    Starting lay down some paint.

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    Name:  6BB9490B-7C86-490F-A47D-B4C4C48F4909.jpg
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    Name:  13DA2984-9C7B-4D25-B4DA-A72173F990A4.jpg
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    Getting further! Really happy with where it’s headed. Needs the pillars figured out and some more detailing yet. Looks like I’m on track to finish the piece for the comp.

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    Looks like a buried lobster! LOL. I like the layout of this base so far.

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    Haven't made any progress really. The base is finished but I haven't taken pictures yet. My girlfriend has been admitted to the hospital this week and will be there for quite some time so my focus has been on that. Hope to maybe pick up a brush this weekend.

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    the base is progressing nicely.

    sorry to read about your girlfriend hope things get better soon.
    My WIP thread - where the painting and rambling happens http://www.coolminiornot.com/forums/...ing-lark-again

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    Take care of the loved ones. Our little soldiers will patiently wait for us.

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    Well I am back! It has been a few months and life proved itself to be very difficult. But things are better now and I have more time than ever to paint! To kick back into things, I reorganized my painting area to be more comfortable and then assembled and painted this guy in a few hours. He isn't perfect but I was experimenting with a way of doing chipped paint before I try it on something more important. Color scheme was just randomly chosen to test the colors as well.

    Name:  DSC_9089.jpg
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    Name:  DSC_9090.jpg
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    Welcome back matey!!! Nice chipping. He’s a CHIP OFF THE OL BLOCK!!! Lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by BloodASmedium View Post
    Welcome back matey!!! Nice chipping. He’s a CHIP OFF THE OL BLOCK!!! Lol
    It's good to be back! Chipping is interesting to say the least. I hope I don't go overboard with it!

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    Just finished up a piece of terrain. And the reason I practiced the chipping on that space nerd. This is the first of the portals. The other one has yet to be painted.

    Name:  DSC_9100.jpg
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    And my first nighthaunt! I'm on a painting roll today.

    Name:  Photo Oct 28, 4 27 41 PM.jpg
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    The chipping on the marine looks ace dude, what technique do you use?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AJ Tudor View Post
    The chipping on the marine looks ace dude, what technique do you use?
    I used Vallejo Chipping medium with their rust primer. It ended up working pretty well! Thanks for the compliment! I am about to post a better quality photo of it so you can see it better as well.

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    #9 Ghost from Reaper (Counts as Chainrasp Horde?)

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    #10 Space Marine who has seen better days

    Name:  10687.jpg
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    #11 Myrmourn Banshee

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    (Forgot to fill the gaps on this one. Might strip and fix soon since it was a quick paint anyways.

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    Some kitbashing from the weekend. Excited to add these to the collection of things that need painted.
    The only change on this first photo is the battered flag flying high. I pulled this from the Hexwraith kit.

    Name:  Photo Nov 11, 11 22 55 AM.jpg
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    (The Military Scout is calling to his Commander to send in Trump's Space Force after he discovers Orks in Utah.)

    Bits from the Heavy Support Team ended up on the Leman Russ like the mounted machine gun. Also includes some spikes from a Deffdread and a flag from a Sigmarine kit that I milliputted over the iconography so I can add my own after paint. Also another flag from a Space Marine Tactical Squad kit ended up on a Guardsmen. The heads are from Kromloch.
    Name:  Photo Nov 12, 8 44 14 AM.jpg
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