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Thread: Squat conversion (HELP)

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    I recently started work on a squat army for warhammer 40k. I used the dispossessed ironbreakers for basically everything, and then took space marine

    arms/bolters, and stuck 'em on them. As you can see, the arms are laughably long.

    What can i do? is there some way to shorten the arms i already have? Or should i use different arms, if so, where can i buy them?

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    2 ideas:
    - look at the kharadon overlords (steampunk dwarfs from GW-AoS), atm they might be the best base for squat conversions
    - keep the normal ironbreaker arms, just swap the weapon/hand. Shoulderpad could probably be applied to the dwarf arm as well.
    Forgot, that it works again.

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