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Thread: Trolls & Goblins Kickstarter from Aenor Miniatures

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    Default Trolls & Goblins Kickstarter from Aenor Miniatures

    Hello everybody,

    I'm starting a different topic for them, as there is a lot to post!

    Aenor Miniatures has launched a new Kickstarter to fund some Trolls & Goblins (take a guess!), the initial goal has been reached and a few stretch goals have been unlocked!
    There are now 8 different goblins, including a wizard, and the funding of a second troll is on its way!

    You can pledge for a single Troll in resin, or a goblin warband (available in resin or metal) of 5, 10 or 20 goblins

    And of course you can also combine pledges together if you want to add a troll or two to a goblin warband of any size (or go for multiple goblin warbands)

    For now the 10 and 20 goblins warbands have some doubles in them, but as new goblins are funded, they will be replacing the doubles, so that you keep the same number but a greater variety of goblins, avoiding doubles.

    the 5 goblins pledge:

    the 8 unlocked so far (included in 10 and 20 goblin pledge, some of them are included multiple times):

    the trolls (work in progress):

    and some of the individual goblins

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    awsome sculpt, like them to become hobgoblins, like the ones from Warhammer Fantasy of the 90s
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    thanks guys, that's a crazy campaign, it's coming to an end in a few hours, but we've unlocked 20 Goblins, 2 Trolls (with 2 head choices each), and now we are trying to unlock a giant!

    he's 7cm tall!

    Name:  DSCF9863.jpg
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    I can't post every unlocked Goblins, there are too many of them! but here is the all Goblins pledge (you can add the Trolls and Giants as add on)

    Name:  goblininvasion4.jpg
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    Name:  principale2.jpg
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