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Thread: Eki's WIPs - finally got the gumption to post something

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    Thanks Beebs, Gorb and Arkaan, I appreciate the comments and motivation. So mostly done with the main part of the figure, at least I think I am finally happy with the face. I realized I still have to paint the buttons/lace holes on her blouse and might need to go back in with some grey on the bows as they still seem a little to white to me. Hopefully have those done tonight and then it is on to the arms, bow for back of dress and small hair piece. My biggest issue is how to secure the arms as they are freakin tiny and because the crop/whip she is holding is too close to her body I need to do them separately...
    Anyway, here is some pics of where she stands now (sorry for the blurry pics of the lower part, I was trying to focus on the shoes and the camera just didn't want to maintain focus on such a tiny part)
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    Coming along nicely. Her back looks very good.
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    Purples turned out A-amazing!!!!!!! Gr8 job Eki-gr8 indeed .

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    Thanks ST and BAM. Unfortunately haven't been motivated this weekend so no update on her for now. I did get her little head piece drilled and pinned so I could paint it though...

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    This lady is looking good, Eki! I think the clothing looks great and the hair (which would take a steady hand) also looks fantastic. I'll be looking forward to more updates on it when you're ready to get back to her.

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    Don't stop now mate, she is looking awesome!
    It is going to be cool to see the completed figurine with hat & arms, all based up.
    I like the textured leather boots.

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    THanks Kuribo and Gorb. Oh, not stopping just wasn't into it this past weekend (was way to nice out to be sitting inside painting ) and the fact that I messed up my foot, think it is plantar fasciitis, but won't know for sure until I see the podiatrist later this week. Anyway, here is a small update of the bit for the back of her head (so Gorb, it isn't a hat per se, it is more like a bow with flowers that slots into that hole in the back of her head). I got it in the base colors I want and still have to try to get in some shading and highlights. I am at an impasse on how to do the arms though as they are so small there is no good place to pin them, I might have to get a clamp or something and just paint all but the middle (hmmm... just realized I don't think I have a picture of the arms piece, I will rectify that later this evening or tomorrow at the latest) and then touch that up as best I can once affixed to the figure.
    Name:  20190617_205559.jpg
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    Annnnd, here are the last two pieces (arms and bow for back of dress) and the penny for size comparison, because hey, why not! On second thought maybe next to a standard paperclip would have been better
    Name:  20190618_201840.jpg
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    Lone Lemming, what else with Glue Seriously though, I will probably try to line it up and glue one side and then the other. I didn't attach the arms prior because they ride right across the chest and with it all being so small didn't think I could paint it that well if I attached them first. And no, it is plastic. I wish it was metal as I would just glue the end of the arm to the paperclip, but fear I will mess that up trying it with plastic figures and especially since the arm piece is pretty easy to bend (as you can see by the slight discoloration in the photo, just to the right of the hair that photo-bombed my picture, I have almost snapped it apart already)

    Thanks Gorb, gonna need it!

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    You excell with each step you take furthering your progress on this very tiny and extremely small miniature. I believe it’s true scale tat malifaux is. Things tend to be a lot tinier but more accurate. Man oh man your making serious headway on this. Noish!!!

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    Thanks BAM. Although there does seem to usually be the one step forward...two steps back sometime which adds to the frustrations. But I know that it really boils down to just doing enough and you will get a better feel for whatever technique it is. And with that I think I am done with the hair piece
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Size:  50.4 KB At least I am happy with where it is at (except for that one freakin tiny little mold line on the one blue feather (or whatever those thinks are supposed to be) and some of the rough parts that I couldn't even see with my magnifiers until I had a photo showing it several times its' size. Now to try to work on those arms...

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    Okay, got the head piece attached:
    Name:  20190621_181356.jpg
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    May have figured out how to secure the arms:
    Name:  20190621_181538.jpg
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Size:  126.6 KB But the pin is not very deep (it bends shortly there after and would just drill into my finger if I try to drill it out more) but the glue bond seems pretty weak right now so not sure if it will be stable enough to paint

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    okay it appears to be holding the arms (but not super securely) But is should do the trick until I get them painted up.
    Managed to get the base colors down
    Name:  20190622_135910.jpg
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Size:  110.8 KBName:  20190622_135918.jpg
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    Now I need some help. For one of the other projects I want to build a small water feature (just a small stream running through the base). What do you put down over the base layers, i.e. foam, cork, clay, whatever, to seal it so that the resin doesn't mess it up? I have watched a few videos and either I am missing it each time or what they are doing is just going over my head, so I could use a little help from any of you folks with experience doing this sort of thing. A big thank you in advance to any help you can provide on this.

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    This is some really fine work, Eki. I paint pretty small miniatures but I have a newfound appreciation for this project after seeing how hard it is to pin pieces! Unfortunately, I can't share any insight on water features but if you haven't checked out Luke APS's videos, he might be a good place to look for info on water features. I hope this helps and keep the updates coming!

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    I’m guessing if I understand correctly some varnish (gloss) can do the trick of sealing it.btw some iltra fine painting on such a minuscule figurine!!!!

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    Thanks Kuribo and BAM. I wouldn't have pinned it but the way the arms bend and the crop in her hands rides right across her breasts and no way would I have been able to paint them joined.
    I will take a look at Lukes Aps and thanks BAM

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    Okay, didn't find it on Luke APS, but think I found what I want/need. Woodland Scenics Flex Paste! Don't know if it is really needed, but since I have never worked with resin before, buying one jar can't hurt. I think it is similar to liquitex flex paste, but it is the same price so no big deal going with WS version of it. The problem I have had is that of all the videos I have watched they either speed through it like the viewer knows what they are doing or no one ever seems to explain if you need a coating to prevent the resin from seeping through. The issue I have is I am not just doing it over the plastic base, putting some foam down to make a small landscape and I don't want the resin to seep through the foam. Looks like the flex paste should do the trick though as it is supposed to be water proof (or resistant) after it dries.

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    and the arms with a little more work (added the different colored cuff and some shading underneath
    Name:  20190623_105519.jpg
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