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Thread: Eki's WIPs - finally got the gumption to post something

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    I agree with BaM; it really does look good. considering the scale of the piece, I appreciation the work you put into it even more. Get it on a base, and I’m sure you’ll appreciate you’re effort more!

    The skintone blends are are what I like most...the transitions to the shadows are impressive, and add to the believability of the model.

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    She looks great eki! You have some gorgeous contrast there, which shows off the detail of the figure but doesn't overwhelm the pastel and skin tones.

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    Awww shucks guys, you da best

    Yeah her lower arms and crop piece was a royal pain to glue. I almost broke the crop trying to pick it up.
    Thanks BAM. I definitely feel there were areas I improved on.

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    anyhoo... now for something completely different....and something in the GW line as well

    Decided to pick up this little thing when I was out this weekend. Should be simple to put together and give me some practice using the Vallejo putty to smooth out the seam lines.
    Name:  20190707_154223.jpg
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    And then started working on this guy again, who has been sitting in the wings for several months now in his incomplete status (I have been told that Papa Nurgle is a tad upset with me over this)
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    I love the bloody gun lines- now get crackalackin!!! Papa nurgle has sent me to say he’s only patient for a short while

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    If you REALLY want to make your joins watertight for resin pours then consider getting a cheap caulking gun and a tube of bathroom silicone. If you aren’t using plastic that can be melted then a hot glue gun gives a perfect seal.

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    That Apollo Norm ship looks cool, with the giant flight deck on the rear.

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    @BAM, what blood "gun" lines, he only has a power fist and sword? Okay, I know you meant "gum"

    @Bullfrog, thanks for the tip! I really appreciate it since I am a total noob at more advanced basing. I watched videos and some helped more than others, but damn if some just don't explain all the steps and for someone who has never done a lot of that stuff I need all the steps explained.

    @Gorb, Thanks. Yeah it caught my eye at the hobby store and wanted to try something a little different. If I paint it like the box art, I don't even have to do that much either

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    So if two figures aren't enough....I thought I would start this one, mostly to see how yellow would turn out with the Stynlrez neutral yellow primer. However, I was having issue getting the arm glued on and tried to pin it when the pin stuck in the body but not to the arm, and then to make matters worse, I think I threw her arm away when I was cleaning up So she will just be a test to see how the yellow (the skirt bit) goes down (since I have had trouble with it before over other primers). I think it looks good considering it is just one pass over the primer
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    I guess some green-stuff and bitz might help you to come over the lost arm of this piece.
    Happy to see you busy. :-)

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    It is always nice to see what eclectic minis you're working on, Eki! That is a real bummer about the arm (both pinning and losing it) as that is a cool little mini. I think using it to practice your yellows is a great way to salvage the mini and take something positive away from it too

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    Losing an arm sucks- painting a very nice yellow more tha makes up for it.

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    Thanks Graishak, but I don't think a Power fist from a space marine will go with her
    Kuribo, yeah it was, but I really had just started her to test the yellow primer with yellow paint, but still can't believe I threw away her arm. Well I sort of do, as the super glue just wasn't bonding and so when I tried to pin it was when the pin stuck in he shoulder and since it was a little pin I couldn't get it out with the tools I have at hand. I think I had it on the brush rag and when I was cleaning stuff up just grabbed it and wiped stuff down and binned it....dang it!
    It kind of does BAM, but it still stings cause of the sheer stupidity of it.
    Anyway, I am testing out some still water product from AK Interactive so just waiting for base to dry and then will apply that. Will have pics up soon....

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    And with that here is the base I am messing about with (put way too much vallejo paste down and with humidity it is taking forever to dry). Hopefully will be able to base coat it and put in the water effect tomorrow. It is on a little 3x5 inch base and is something like what I will be doing for one of the minis I already painted a while ago. Using this as a test run since the actual one will be a bit bigger and figured this would be a good way to make sure I get it right or if I screw it up I am not using as much product since this is smaller.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BloodASmedium View Post
    Losing an arm sucks- painting a very nice yellow more tha makes up for it.
    I concur. That yellow is brilliantly bright.

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    @Kuribo, yes, yes it does. Especially when it was down to me just not paying attention during clean up of the area. And thank you, but really the yellow isn't that deep in real life. Not sure if it is the lights or the camera on the phone. For instance, I shaded the folds with a grey and the high points with a paler yellow, but they don't really show up at all

    So, more work on the practice base. First I put down some white gesso over the oxide paste and then painted it with some apple barrel craft paints to get the sandy stream bed and base for the grass. I didn't go over board worrying about added shades as this is more a test of the water than the other areas and grass is going to go over the brown bit so it is really just for some effect
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    Then I added some of the AK Interactive Transparent Water
    Name:  20190714_204426.jpg
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    Just waiting for that to dry. Hopefully have a pic tomorrow as I just did this about 10 minutes before I took the picture.
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    And it seems to mostly have dried, there is a spot that is still milky (doesn't show in the picture that I could tell) so will leave it for a while before putting grass and such on the brown areas. Otherwise, I think it looks half-way decent. Maybe add some rocks to the river next time and maybe blend the colors a little or pick up another shade or two to work it better.
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    Looks like it did th trick, Eki.
    If I can give a bit of advice for when you attack the real base, I’d suggest you wrinkle some of the straight lines, avoid right angles against the pedestal, vary the height of the land areas, and break up the symmetry. Perhaps you have some or all of that planned, but I think it will result in a more realistic and interesting base.

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    That yellow does look super good in the photo... Sorry about the loss of the arm. Hey, try out sculpting one with some of the various putties you have lying around, just an idea...

    The base is looking good so far. As for the water effects taking its time to dry - keep in mind most things that need to cure by air drying will take longer the thicker they are - in some cases the outer layer dries first and insulates the inner part so that it takes even longer to dry. Which is why the advice to "use many thin layers" also applies here, unfortunately

    * Note: if you ever use silicon caulk for any reason whatsoever, you have to be careful because the outer skin that cures first can insulate the interior so well that the interior *never* cures, it just sits there waiting for you to pop it and then ooze out over everything. Anything thicker than about 1/4" needs to be carefully handled.

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    @ST, there actually is a slight variation in height at least on the one side, but honestly, I just kind of quickly tore the cork up and slathered on the texture paste as I was more interested in seeing how the AK Clear Water worked and looked like. But I have a better idea what I want the other to look like and it will actually be going into a home made box of sorts so I won't have to worry about the outer edges at least of the base layer. But I was also going to use some foam as the base so I can carve it out and build it up a little.

    @gorb, I might be able to make a cigar, but honestly I can't sculpt if my life depended on it. I will just consider the arm a loss, maybe just glue a squiq there so it looks like he swallowed her arm... And thanks for the tip on drying time, because I would most likely wound up poking at it and messing it up. As it is it has been about 20 hours or so and there is still a spot or two that still look a little milkey so guessing those parts haven't cured yet (and yeah, I probably did go a touch over the 3mm depth but not much)

    I am going to have to take another picture of the fig as I swear the yellow in the photo here looks richer than it does on the figure in front of me. It isn't that it is bad, but the camera on my phone seems to have deepened it more than it really is because I used Saffron Yellow from Reaper and it is a softer yellow.

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