Well, since this is my first WIP post, I figured I would lead in with the following: I haven't painted in over ten years, but finally got up the lark to do it again. I have probably painted about six figures since I started, but haven't really gotten to the detailed basing part yet. Also, I was just trying to get painting down again, and since there are quite a few "new" techniques I have been reading or watching videos about, I didn't really focus on cleaning the miniatures as I wanted to get the painting practice in first so I already know about potential mold lines that will appear in these first few figures I end up posting. I am choosing to post this miniature first (about the third one I painted to almost completion) as it is the first that I was painting skin tones and I am really not happy with that, I think I over-worked it and then didn't get enough shading, but I am not completely sure where I jacked up the process... Anyway, comments and critiques are much appreciated. Also, not sure if this size is going to show up in a decent size, so fingers crossed

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