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Thread: Eki's WIPs - finally got the gumption to post something

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    Okay, after KB was so thoughtful to correct my inept use of this sites gallery , here is the proper link to the figure: http://www.coolminiornot.com/438161 (or at least I seriously hope it is the right one...)

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    So you're no longer a virgin :-) Looking forward to see more on your gallery. Voted!

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    Graishak, that would be correct and thanks for the vote

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    I was thrilled to give you a vote, Eki! Keep the submissions coming as the assassin lady looks great

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    You DID it!!!! You survived see!!! No big thingie!!! You my friend Made is all proud. great job. Great first post.

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    Thanks all. As soon as I get some proper photos I will add the others I took to the competition a couple months ago (you have seen them all here) and then I need to build two dios for figures and will probably put those up as well. Eh, I will take the score, I understand that I probably could have added more shots to show back and base a little better but I really was just curious to see what others thought of the figure and where they think it stands. I will take slightly above average based on 24 votes any day

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    Question, is there a way to see all the vote scores or can you only see the average of them? Curious to see if you can tell what the people actually voted (at least those who don't comment)

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    Not that I’m aware of... but it would be indeed a nice
    function to see the different individual votes

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    Lovely work on the corsetted lady back on the previous page...very neat painting on what I imagine is a tiny mini

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    @Graishak, that's what I figured, but just curious if anyone knew something I didn't.

    @Hairster, thanks, I really appreciate it. Yeah she is tiny, if you go up a little from the last picture I took one of her in front of and beside a Death Guard figure that I just never seem to finish for a bit of scale

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    Oh, and a slight update on her.
    Name:  3JUN19.jpg
Views: 147
Size:  61.8 KBNot really happy with the face at the moment, and have to touch up the hair line on the left side of the photo, but I think I am mostly done with the dress. Now to try and paint those damn necklaces and boots and get the arms, bow for the back of dress and hair piece done...

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    That is super detailed work, very well done! Subtle colors and shading. The dress looks great, and the corset is top notch.

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    Ehhh nice job bud !!!

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    Looking good. I think the face just needs some color to bring it to life.

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    Thanks all. Okay trying to get a little more color onto the face....lets see if the photo (phone one) shows any improvement
    Name:  20190608_164933.jpg
Views: 98
Size:  45.4 KB Seems a little better to me, but still feel like it is missing something/needs something extra and I am just not sure what it is

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    okay, I know what some of the issue is...blown up like this the face looks like shite! sometimes I think it is better that I need reading glasses/magnification as I can just take off the glasses and it is one really tiny blur that looks soooo much better oh, and
    Last edited by ekipage; 06-09-2019 at 02:06 PM.

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    Not much to update, mostly just to show the back which I haven't for a bit and messing with the shoes trying to figure out how I want them
    Name:  20190609_194531.jpg
Views: 87
Size:  34.1 KBName:  20190609_194541.jpg
Views: 87
Size:  36.5 KB

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    The shading between her shoulder blades look really great.
    It's coming together nicely, keep going!

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    I agree with Gorb, the shoulder blades look fantastic!

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    The mini looks great so far, keep on going, practice make miracles!

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