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Thread: Eki's WIPs - finally got the gumption to post something

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    Thanks Tee and Graishak. Yeah at the moment I am messing with the bit around her collar piece. I didn't like the grey/white, so it is going yellow maybe gold now. Just felt like it needed some color to it. Will get pics up later or tomorrow.

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    Happy new year to you too ekipage!
    I'm happy to see the little lady in action again, looking forward to the photos!

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    Thanks Gorb!

    And an update on the GSC magus. Still rough but I think the trim on the high collar piece looks better in the yellow than the white/grey I was originally going with.
    Name:  20200102_210138.jpg
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    Awesome work Eki. You magus is coming out awesome!
    I love the purples!


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    Need some opinions/critiques on my GSC Magus. I am trying to get a nmm gold for the trim around her collar and belts and probably edges of shoulder pads. Right now I am mostly just working on the collar, but trying to figure out if this is at least starting to look like gold. I know it needs more work but just curious if others think this is starting to look like what I believe (imagine it is) or not.

    Name:  20200104_174118.jpg
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    NMM is not my forte, so take this with a grain of salt:

    If I squint, it looks like gold. So you are on the right track. Now you just have to bump the contrast I think
    Also, gold can have some interesting hues especially in the shadows. I remember reading that the shadows can be purplish, with the midtones brown, so you might have to glaze in some of those color as well to add richness, otherwise it might end up looking like metallic yellow

    As for the color, I love it, it frames her face beautifully and contrasts nicely with the colder blue tones.

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    Great work!

    I second gorb, the nmm need more contrast I think.
    I like the texture behind the head too.

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    Can’t help with the gold, but had to say the gobbo’s candy cane gun makes me smile.

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    No offense Gorb, I am trying to figure out this NMM, so even if as you say it isn't your forte, still appreciate the feedback.
    Thanks Dexter, and the texture behind the head was the easiest thing to paint, it is just Reaper Cloudy grey base and I just kind of splotched on a fairly thinned down Vallejo Wolf Grey to get that effect.
    Okay, is this looking any better? I added more of the shadow color and the mid-tone and made some of the highlights smaller. I know I still need to refine the transitions, but just trying to figure out if I am going in the right direction or not.
    Name:  20200105_123754.jpg
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    Thanks KB (didn't see your post when I submitted mine)

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    Yep, definitely moving in the right direction, I think you are almost there already!!!
    This last photo shows off the contrasts between the skin on her legs and the blue + purple cloth really well.

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    okay played with it a little more and by that I mean I glazed some purple trying to really just get it in the deepest recesses
    Name:  20200105_211838.jpg
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    Looks great! Now if I were you, I would just push the contrast a bit more, maybe a deep black and lighter yellow with some white glints on the most raised corners?

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    I think I have overworked it now but gonna keep on plugging away at this figure
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    I think it looks awesome!
    And man the back of that dress looks super good.

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    Thanks Gorb! Okay, let me kind of rephrase that, I don't quite like how it turned out on the upper part of the cowl piece. I am alright with the bit down her chest and the belt bits though

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    Quote Originally Posted by ekipage View Post
    Thanks Gorb! Okay, let me kind of rephrase that, I don't quite like how it turned out on the upper part of the cowl piece. I am alright with the bit down her chest and the belt bits though
    Maybe if you tighten up the highlights a bit on the upper part a tad, make them sharper (ie. less fuzzy?) and smaller.
    To me this looks great though, this girl is rad.

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    @Gorb, yeah that probably would help. I think the issue I have is that when I see the figure with just my eyes it looks a bit better to me than when I see all the "perceived" issues when it is as large as it is on the screen of my computer. For instance, I think this photo looks a little better:
    Name:  20200114_174915.jpg
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    But then I see the photo above and all I see are some poor blends and stark color lines Maybe NMM just isn't my thing Even though i will probably do it at least a few more times to see if I like it or not.
    Last edited by ekipage; 01-14-2020 at 07:24 PM.

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    Just a little bit done tonight, mostly messing with the back of the cowl bit
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    She is looking good! Gloves, Boots and that tech equip on the
    back remain open. You’re close to the finish

    Pointing out: Shading is awesome!

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