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Thread: Eki's WIPs - finally got the gumption to post something

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    Thanks Darthmarsh.
    Thank you Milk, glad you liked her. If I had it to do over again, I think I would have painted the lines in metallic and then maybe a hint of the neon paints in parts of it. Make it look like she is machine underneath with some of the neon probably would give it some nice glow effect.

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    That piece turned out to be your best brother!!!

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    Thanks BAM!

    In the meantime here is what I am working on now
    Name:  Kong Wip.jpg
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    Ah, I've seen this guy before, from Scale Bro, i believe this is your base for NMM gold?

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    Hey metalasmedium, the figure is from Cartoon Miniatures. Actually I am just doing it as leather and the bits still in grey will be metal. I might try to do NMM on that part but I am rubbish at it since I just can't seem to wrap my head around the technique for NMM. I find going to actual classes are better than watching youtube for me to pick up on some of these techniques because I prefer to be able to ask questions when I learn something. I have done nmm a couple times, but to me it just looks barely passable like I am missing either a smooth transition or not using enough contrast in the colors, or the highlights just seem off.

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    So weathering the armor is going along decently (I think). Tried some gold nmm for the trim pieces, but I really just do not seem to grasp this yet and might just go to some regular metals. I feel like I start off in the right direction, but then I just lose what I should be doing somewhere along the way. Oh, and trying to get a root-beer(ish) color for the eyes is hard, but at least I like the color right now.
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    I understand your frustration on the nmm, definitively not something easy to master.
    The leather though looks amazing.

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    Leather work and eyes are fantastik- I cannot comet of nmm being I don’t do it often. But to me it looks great !!!

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    Thanks Dex and BAMM, yeah the leather finally got to what I was looking for and still have to go back and put the pupil and highlight on the eyes. I guess I should have made that "working on nmm" since I haven't finished it, but just kinda stuck in the correct steps to do. It's like I watch a video on how to do it and am like yeah, okay I got this, then I pick up my brush and suddenly my brain and hand no longer want to work with each other or remember what they are supposed to do. Oh well, I do have some Vallejo Metal colors lying around so will probably change the nmm attempt to regular metal for this go around. I need to just get a bunch of swords or something and start practicing the technique instead of trying to do it on odd, curved shapes

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    Looking good man! The leather looks awesome and the gorilla face/fur is fantastic..

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    Looking good ekipage!
    Good luck with the metallics, whether you choose NMM or TMM I think you'll be fine.

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    Thanks Milk and Gorb. Yeah, I think I know what my biggest issue with NMM -not sure where to place the colors properly, and then proper blending of the colors together. I seem to start out okay, but then my brain just says "no, that isn't right". Anyway, will keep trying the nmm to see if I can get it right (or at least improve)

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    You did a good start on the NMM. But I hear you... the real artist is always most self-critical ;-)
    Keep going my friend!

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    You’ll get it -keep on keeping on- I have faith in your skill.

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    Thank you Graishak and BAM, really appreciate the votes of confidence. I realized one of the issues that is messing me up with NMM is indecisiveness about the shadows and highlights so I keep playing with them until I really don't like them and then figuring out how to fix it. I really think I need an actual class or maybe buy one of the Patreons with some one to figure that crap out (I often learn better by interaction and doing than just watching a video on YT or the like).

    So, I entered the Fractured bust in the National Capital Model Soldier Society virtual comp and I think she got 2nd place (maybe 1st- I should have paid closer attention when they were announcing the winners). It was an Open judging format, but still really happy that it did well considering it is the first bust I actually finished painting (and only third that I have attempted - one was relegated to practice techniques and the other was just put on the shelf as I lost interest)

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    ​Fantastic news buddy! Very happy she was recognized. That one was a real cracker.

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    HUGE CONGRATS!!! That piece was a tremendous showing of the artistic facet of competetive miniature. Painting- the technical side was marvelous but the creativity and artistic portion of the model knocked it out of Fenway!!!!! great job.

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    Thanks ST and BAM. I just saw they posted the winners and it did earn a gold even though we won't actually get anything except maybe a certificate emailed to us. However if they (NCMSS) can run the show this fall, they said that what we entered this past weekend will still be eligible to enter into that show (typically they have the "if it won in a previous show you can't enter it again" policy). I think they are allowing it this time because they would actually like to see some all of the stuff entered in real life and since I think this was something to fill the gap a little bit. Anyway, off to put in a little more time on my Brush Beast entry. Hope you are all well and dealing with this stupid Daylight Savings time change better than myself

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    Congratulations ekipage, well deserverd there. That bust is a great piece of work!

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    Thanks Gorb, appreciate it!

    In the meantime, slow work going on Kong, but here is an update. I think I am mostly happy with the leather on the chest, still working on the arm though. Pretty sure I am done with the head (except for have to finish up the eyes).
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    Still not happy with the nmm on the chest (and just started the back bit). I can't figure it out though, the nmm looks better to me in the photo than in does in real life. I am really beginning to think NMM just isn't something I care for
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