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Thread: Eki's WIPs - finally got the gumption to post something

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    Thanks CyAniDe, yeah it seems it is so much simpler just to use a cell phone and not worry about settings and just post the pic. I think I am going to either have to get a book on photography, take a class or two or watch some videos to see what is what.

    Thanks Chaotic I really appreciate it. If you are asking about the figure above (the green/brown female) it is the from Darksword Miniatures and is called Female Assassin (it is SKU DSM7307 on their website). They do have some really nice minis

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    I don’t know much bout it- but if the second photo is showing the ideal and it’s paintingwithout any or much actualanipykation then it’s a hellyva paintjob and a really nice photo as well!!!

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    Thanks BAM. Yeah, the second photo looks closer to what I am looking at in real life. I still need to learn how to properly set-up the f-stop and shutter speed, white balance, etc in the camera though which might negate the need to really use photo editing software, but I really don't know. I am going to have to bug one of my friends who is a photographer about it.

    I decided to break out this piece again and try to finish it, although I just realized that I hope the chest piece for the fish thingy is in the box otherwise it was probably lost in my move a few months ago. The fish is mostly done and just want to get the belly done and some of the fins need work and then it will be on to the rider himself (who I had to fix as his sword broke during the move)
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    I remember this guy and you're already off to a great start on him! I really like the color transitions on the scales. If you want to drive yourself crazy (but also make this guy look amazing) pushing the highlights and shadows on the scales will really make them pop! Wouldn't blame you if you don't want to take that on though. It would be time consuming! I'll be looking forward to seeing more progress on him in the near future

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    Very nice mini... and I like the colors you‘ve chosen.
    Honestly I see some skittles parallels

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    Way to work Eki. Way to work indeed!!!!!!

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    Thanks all. I know what you mean Graishak, mmmmm, Skittles! There is some problems with that figure that I don't feel like fixing so I am just going to paint it as is (didn't clean up some joints, sword broke and pin doesn't look that good up close, etc) But I figured it would still be a good test bed to try some stuff out. In the meantime I am really going to be starting the other figures from the malifaux box (the lady in pastel dress is one of them). Pics will be up soon as I clean them and put them together.
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    Eager to see some Malifaux figures come across your desk. I think they’re awesome, though I couldn’t get into the painting when I tried. Soooooo delicate!

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    I've got one of those Iodeneth thingies built and primed still to do....got a bit intimidated by all of those scales and gave it a swerve....really should make a start on it sometime soon.

    Great start!

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    ST, yeah, they are some tiny figures, but I really want to get the other three done. Will just take some time and determination on my part.
    Hairster, the scales were easy, it is just all the damn edge highlighting that is a PITA

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    Liking the colour pallet your using. Some of these new gw minis are great but my God they look a epic commitment to paint !
    1. 'Painting is a companion with whom one may hope to walk a great part of life's journey.' W. Churchill
    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Thanks Ten and yes this one is a pain. And in that vein, I decided to start on the 2nd Malifaux figure from the box
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    Sorry for the crap lighting, but really just based the flesh as once I attach the back half it would be a royal pain to try to paint her legs since the dress slit goes so high on both sides. I am also not looking forward to painting the two necklaces and the choker on her neck and I am sure there are other tiny freakin' little details that I am missing right now.

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    There's some really nice details on her bodice/corset (not sure of the proper term to be honest) and I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with this lass. Should be a great opportunity to push your skills and really pick out some fine details with your brush!

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    Yeah there are some really small details that are going to be challenging for sure. But honestly been busy this past week so haven't really gotten any more painting done on this one

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    okay, so I did manage to get some time in painting and have the skin roughed in and the base on the front of the skirt and boots so far. I will probably be gluing it together now as I think I can access the leg bit that I need to touch up a little with some glazing (the calf) to make it look a little better.
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    I am not sure if I am happy with the chest/face bit though as I was just trying to rough in some highlights and think I may have overdone it a bit. New challenge see if I can pull this back to something decent without screwing it up
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    [qoute]I am not sure if I am happy with the chest/face bit though as I was just trying to rough in some highlights and think I may have overdone it a bit. New challenge see if I can pull this back to something decent without screwing it up[/quote]

    Think the highlight intensity is good. Use some midtone glazes to smooth it. I would probably deepen the shadows with a couple of glazes too to create a bit more contrast. Don't be afraid to use rough sketches in the beginning. Trying to create highlights by layering up with glazes often doesn't work well and even if it works it takes wayyyyy too much time. Took me a long time to realize that! Though when I started to learn from the internet back in the day painting with glazes was tought like the only way to paint blendings. It wasn't wrong, but it's not the only and not the most fun (at least in my opinion).
    Glazes are good though to pull steps together and smoothing a transition.
    Create 2-3 mixes with your highlight + mid tone, mid tone + shadow, shadow colors and shade it down. Often shading down with glazes is easier then glazing up into the highlights

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    Thanks CyAniDe and Gorb, although I have found one weakness of mine (among many) today which is I am not very competent at using Vajello plastic putty (at least the getting it smoothed out part) I need to find a tool a little better for applying and removing the excess than a toothpick or dental tool (or maybe just more practice - which is most likely the biggest issue). I may just wait for it to fully cure and then try to sand it down and see if that fixes some of the issue. Mostly I am happy with it, but the one side looks especially sloppy to me and as you can see in the pictures
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    I am mostly not happy how the sides turned out. Application seems a little sloppy to me...

    And here are the last little bits waiting to be glued on (the bag is so I don't lose them)
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    I don't have any experience with Vallejo putty, but when working with anything from polymer clay, apoxie sculpt, green stuff through to beesputty, the best thing for smoothing are "clay shapers" or "color shapers". They are silicone tipped tools. Add a bit of water or petroleum jelly and they smooth things out very nicely.

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    Thanks Gorb, yeah I think a clay shaper would probably work with it as it is kind of like a wet paste, looks almost like plain white toothpaste and kind of same consistency, before it dries. When it dries it gets pretty hard (it says it is acrylic resin).... and dang it, I wish I had looked this up before using it for the first time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUn2xnefo4I
    All I really needed was freakin' water on a crap brush, eh, you live and learn

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