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Thread: Eki's WIPs - finally got the gumption to post something

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    Thanks for the suggestions Graishak, but right now I am trying for some NMM on the rifle and buttons and hair decoration. I think it is mildly passable (and am alright for basically a first attempt at nmm) but feel the rifle needs at least some more work. Anyway, here are some pics of it all
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    I think I know what is wrong with the main gun now, missed highlighting the middle part of it. I am mostly happy with the gold nmm, but really should have re-thought it trying to do those damn buttons on the back part. Only issue with the nmm in the hair is that the shadow area is really close to the hair color so gets kind of lost
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    Thats a lovely bright pallete on that mini Eki - looks like its all pulling together well on what looks like a bloody tiny mini.

    Not surprised you are fighting with the NMM on that gun either...it doesnt look the best cast and there are barely any surfaces to work with. You're making progress though and most importantly identifying where it need adjusting.

    Keep it up!

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    This looks awesome eki! I love the look of the leather that you have achieved, especially on the satchel.
    The gun looks good to me; I always try to remember that guns aren't always made of shiny metal, in fact they are usually painted in a matte color.

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    In this case some more shades of grey might help with the rifle

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    Thanks Hairster, Gorb and Graishak! I really appreciate all the positive comments and helpfulness! I think I am going to glue the gun on tonight and call it finished though! I will get snaps when I am done.

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    Okay, not much different other than it is put together. I am thinking dry cracked earth for the base and maybe some grass and that will be it. There is a touch up or two I need to make as I scuffed the paint a little on the end of her hair when I was gluing the gun bit in place.
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    Let me know what you think of it so far (without the base being done). Hopefully will get the base done by this weekend. Mostly happy with how the gun and knife and gold bits turned out but know I need a whole lot more practice.

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    Wow man that really came together, great job dude!! And don’t give up on the NMM, just keep playing with it until it looks right, that’s one of the things you just have to do imho

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    Looks great for me! particulary highlight/shadow placement and those vibrant colors

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    Thanks Sik and Arkaan glad you like it especially since I think both of your works are sooooo much better than mine.

    I think I partially figured out the DSLR issues, was not shooting at right shutter speed, f-stop and ISO or whatever that other setting is (always said I wasn't great at photography)...Anyway, still playing with it, but hope to have some better shots of this up soon. Yeah, the gun does look like it is more just black with highlights than actual NMM, but I am still kind of happy with the gold bits and I think the pistol turned out a little better but still a lot of practice (and probably actually watching some tutorials or reading some articles will help, instead of just kinda going wtf, I will give it a shot, I just need black, a dark grey, a mid grey, a light grey and maybe some white)! Seriously though, that's what I kind of did for the most part. Mostly though it was seeing if I could focus enough to keep the light source from one direction and get the shadows and highlights where I needed them and I think I pulled that off fairly successfully on this one. Usually I just kind of paint it and don't really think of which direction I want the light coming from.

    Now to try to fix that damn gap in her arm (the side at the butt of the gun) I swore I had it fixed before painting so that they lined up, but after gluing there is a bit of a gap (you can kind of see it in the 5th picture above), it glued, but not flush and I don't think I can use gloss varnish to cover it and am afraid if I try miliput or green stuff at this point I am just going to mess up the figure.

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    However I try I just can't notice that gap :F

    As for DSLR the best (IMHO) MANUAL way is to set ISO to lowest, usually 100. F to the highest, usually 22 (here I need to test the issue that 3-4 steps lower F from Highest F, have better sharper focus). Then mount that on a stand and set timer, so You don't move camera while pressing. And adjust shutter speed to the light source You're hitting the mini with.

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    ​Great job, bud. You've really done a nice job of differentiating all those parts of her outfit.

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    Thank ST, Lone and Arkaan.

    @Arkaan: Here is the gap (was more that is was mis-aligned and I would have had to bend the rifle a lot to fix it but would have made the rifle look bad) and thanks for the DSLR tips!)
    Name:  20191009_214705 (arm).jpg
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    So I used some 'ardcoat and it kind of worked, wouldn't pass muster for a top competition I think, but suitable enough for this piece right now.
    Name:  20191011_164458.jpg
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    The arm is kind of flared out at the join, but it does the trick for now at least. (sorry for the darker photo, my portable light was dying and didn't feel like moving one of the other lamps)
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    oh and forgot this is the next one I am working on (started it a while ago but going to pick it back up).
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    and I really need to get back to that bust

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    Little bit of an update. Still not sure if I like the skin the direction I am going (trying for a lighter skin and not sure if I want to do any of the "typical" purpleish glazes often used on the GSC)
    Name:  20191013_115101.jpg
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    Beautiful colors eki. I like the skintone you get, looking forward to where you take this!

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    I’m liking it all so far dude! And thank you for the compliment though I feel I have a loooong way to go to get to where I wanna be! I can’t help with the photo stuff I suck pretty at that part...

    for the GSC chick, I like the paler tones. And I’d def add in some purples especially in shadow areas, I think you’ll be happy w how it turns out.

    if you’re interested in watching some NMM tutorials, I’d recommend the one from Kujo where he explains how light reflects off of metallic objects, half the battle is knowing how light plays off of them differently than non reflective surfaces. I’d also recommend Vince Venturellas hobby cheating channel, he has great stuff and is a staple for me. He has vids on all the NMM colors

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    Thanks Gorb and Sik.
    I think I have seen some of the Videos you speak of, problem is I just didn't really pay attention at the time so maybe should revisit

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    Great progres ont the "lady with a gun" mini!
    And nice start on your new project.

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    Eks your palette is really showing fourth some wonderful combinations -themagus -the fragile lady -since the nova comp -it’s seems you came home and leveled up -AGAIN ;)

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