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Thread: Eki's WIPs - finally got the gumption to post something

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    looking great so far. her skin tone os working well with the dress I reckon and she deffo has sci fi alien look to her. good work
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    Thanks Dexter, BAM and Coyote
    Quote Originally Posted by BloodASmedium View Post
    Eks your palette is really showing fourth some wonderful combinations -themagus -the fragile lady -since the nova comp -it’s seems you came home and leveled up -AGAIN
    Probably not in some of their judges eyes though

    I do have one issue with the GSC lady though, after painting I noticed that I either missed some mold lines or got some scraped plastic that I didn't clean off and primed over so there is a bump right below her mouth (left side in picture you can kind of see it) and at the top of that cowl piece right below the center diamond bit (which is kind of masterfully hidden in the blotchy painting I did there - even if it was totally by accident). Not sure if I should bother trying to correct it at this point or just leave it. Either way, this was more of a figure I just wanted to paint for myself so wasn't planning on entering it in any comps or anything like that, so kind of been sitting thinking about what to do with it
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    okay, started trying some new stuff and different paints and not 100% sold on it. Have to touch up the dress again (not too bad as it was just the chest and hips areas) and started playing with the purple on the head and trying to get some veins as well, not finished by a long shot though.
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    It's a good start Eki, what model/range is this if I may ask?

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    the veins a cool touch
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    nice start.
    I'd tone down the veins a bit with a few glazes of the skin color.
    The chest-hip purple could be highlighted a bit more for bigger contrast.

    Sigmar3: GW - Genestealer Cult - Magus
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sigmar3 View Post
    It's a good start Eki, what model/range is this if I may ask?
    Thanks Sigmar. It is The Genestealer Cult Magus from GW - sold as individual figure....and I see that Maxxx has already answered this

    Thanks Coyotebreaks - just need toned down some as well as the blue/purple glazing on the top of the head.

    Maxxx - that is the plan, this is just after I painted them on, so yeah, was planning on toning it down with some skin color again. As for the dress, I was "attempting" to get some highlights, but didn't like it and wound up over working it to the point it almost looks like the original color except is has this weird glossy look to it. I plan on going over it with the base color and then figuring out what I want to do a little more thoroughly than I did last night

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    Okay, a little work glazing some skin tone over the head and put the couple of spots back to original color
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    I didn't realize how flat that black on the boots was until I actually looked at this photo. AKI flat black is pretty good it seems
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    Wow I’m gonna have to pick some of that up... looks awesome!

    and the veins on the head are looking much better. You’re going in the right direction with this bud

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    okay trying this hightlighting bit again. Think I have a base purple or two that I am happy with for roughing in the highlights
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    Now I am just mad that I noticed there is a piece of dust or hair that I painted over so it is leaving a line on her head (you can see it in the photo as that raised area just above the left eye as you look at the photo here)
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    Now, as you mentioned it, I saw it.
    I know that’s thorn in the eyes of n artist

    Overall I really like the colour scheme you’ve
    been using.

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    Cheers Eki (and Maxx lol). I wouldn't have guessed it was a GW figure honestly. Annoying about the hair, that happens to me quite frequently and its always a frustration. Still looking good though

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    Not funny Graishak!

    Sigmar, surprised you couldn't tell by the stupidly tall collar piece on her. GW loves to make ridiculous things like that on their figures

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    The knocked back veins are a big improvement Eki, looks liek they are lurking under the transclucent skin now which is exactly the effect you want!

    Back to the highlighting, if you keep your paint a bit thinner (either with water or glazing medium) it will dry more translucently again and you can build up those layers a little more gradually for a smoother finish.

    The gem and marble effects all work really well mate, looking forward to seeing your progress

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    Thanks Hairster and Gorb. I am just kind of sketching the highlight on as I was trying to figure out what color to actually make it. I think I am going for what I did above but with a little additional work. Here is where it sits now (and I think I am pretty happy with the highlight color....at least for now). I also did a little shading on the back of the dress to see if I like that and I think I am good with it and just need to tighten it up some. (really just focusing on the purple for now)
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    Good work Eki, she is looking great. the veins are much better now
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    Thanks Coyote and Arkaan! Been busy this week with work so not much more done but hopefully will have some updates tonight or tomorrow

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