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Thread: Eki's WIPs - finally got the gumption to post something

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    Standout colour scheme, it goes well against the pale skin
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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    I said or ober and over taste the raimbow!!!

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    Nice, really looking fantastic so far. Keep it up.

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    Thanks all! Slow but steady going right now. Just trying to play with the shadow area and some highlighting
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    She looks stunning ekpiage. Such great contrast between the super saturated cloak and the ultra desaturated skin.

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    good stuff Eki, she is coming on grand
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    Thank you for the kind words and added motivation Gorb and Coyote. Not a whole lot done since last photos, but I did put down some matte varnish to get rid of the glossiness and see what it looked like a little better and then continued playing with some of the shadow and highlights on the robe parts. Also finally added some glaze of purple to the head and started on some markings on the head as well
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    I know the highlights on the back of the robe/dress don't technically fit (as I was going for a defined highlight from a spot light above and slightly to the front of her) but I just think the small pops of brighter color look nice. Just not sure if I like the lighter blue or want to go a touch lighter in shade for it yet.

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    Looking good dude. Don’t worry about the highlights on the back, I feel like we as painters and artists need to bend reality a little to create an interesting piece from all angles. I would just make sure you have deep shadows uber her butt and in the small of her back (if it’s exposed) and have them bright toward the bottom as it flows outward, where the light would hit. I’m liking the pattern on the head. At first I wasn’t sure if it was too busy but I think you’ve done a good job in your techniques to distinguish that the veins are underneath and the dots are on top of the skin. Only thing I’d add on that part, I can see from the side, the back of her head looks to be very regular flesh toned, I’d add some deep purples for shadows in those areas to accentuate the head and add interest to the shadows. It’ll go a long way. That’s if you can reach it with the brush!!

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    This is looking awesome ekipage!
    I agree with Sik, we have to bend reality a bit and create highlights in places where they shouldn't be. There is a lot of light all around us, not just always from one specific spot. So I would almost go brighter with the colors on the bottom of the dress, just to give the back some flair.

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    Thanks for the tips and for confirming what I was doing with the back of the dress. I specifically wanted it like a tight focused light from above and slightly to the front, but when I started darkening the back it just looked too blah for me. I may go a little brighter as Gorb suggested, but if I do it will be a smaller part of the overall highlights.
    So took Siks suggestion and put a little purple on the back of the head (thanks bud)! Still think I need some even darker shading though
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    Looking great, definitely gives more of that alien look!! And yea don’t be afraid to go darker like at the back of her neck. Like mix a little Payne’s grey and purple and glaze it down for the deep shadow areas

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    The purple, green, blue combination is looking very nice.
    The mini as such reminds me to Star-Trek - first contact.
    "We're the Borg, resistance is futile!"

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    Think I like it a lot!!!!

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    Looking good eki, I like the pattern you have on the inside of her colour thingy .
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    Thanks all and really appreciate the critiques as well. Unfortunately didn't really get a chance to paint this weekend. Hopefully have some updates this week though.

    @ Graishak, never really watched the Star Trek spin-offs so didn't even think about the Borg-ness of it

    Quote Originally Posted by Coyotebreaks View Post
    Looking good eki, I like the pattern you have on the inside of her colour thingy .
    If you mean the inside of that high collar bit, that was just some dark grey (I think a scale 75 one) and then Vajello Wolf Grey painted/stippled over it. I was going to actually do more, but realized that I liked it as it was so am trying to leave it alone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BloodASmedium View Post
    I said or ober and over taste the raimbow!!!
    Thanks BAM, if I take her to the next IPMS comp in April I will write "Skittles" on the base for a name!

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    Looking great, Eki. The colors on that get up are looking luscious.

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    Looking extremely!!! epic so far. Nice.

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    Thanks ST and Clouds. Unfortunately, if I don't get her finished up this weekend, probably won't get her done until next week or the following as I am going to be busy at work the next couple of weeks

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