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Thread: Eki's WIPs - finally got the gumption to post something

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    Thanks Epcot!

    So here is the next one mostly finished (just trying to figure out how to get the damn curtain to go the way I want to)
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    After really looking at it and on here I think I am going to lower the height of the curtain as it just seems a little too high to me
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    I think the addition of even a single tuft on a higher level makes a significant improvement to the overall base. You be the judge on whether further additions would improve upon or detract from what you’ve done.

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    Thanks ST, I think I might leave it for a bit to work on the others and then see if I still want to add anything else to the base.
    On a side note, ran into a few of the minis on Everchosen site, best of luck to you that made the initial cut! One impression though is that some of the figures I saw on there I rated lower than what I might have because the pictures were crap! Seriously, I thought they said they were sending a set-up and directions on how to take the pics to the stores (probably just the actual GW ones) but damn the quality of the photos is all over the place

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    Okay, got that female malfaux figure finished:
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    Looking good Eki!! They’re both awesome!!!

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    Congrats Eki, great job and wonderful idea to add the stage and curtain. What's next hey??

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    Hey thanks a lot Sik and Sigmar! Well, was having issues with the base I wanted to do for the two super hero figures, but think I have it figured out now, just have to implement it. Going to make it look like a cell from an old school comic book page! Hopefully some pictures coming up soon (although I don't have much time to work on it since I am taking a painting class taught by Sam Lenz right now)

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    Piece to be proud of!!!!

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    Okay, crappy pic and probably rushed the base a bit, but the final piece I am taking to NOVA: I wanted it to look more like an old comic book so hopefully it at least conveys that
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    Realized I am crap at getting the lettering in an even plane
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    Saw your minis in the case today, they look awesome!!! I’m spotting distance from being done my last entry, hopefully tomorrow

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    Thanks man! Good to meet up with you even if it was just for a short bit. I will be back up tomorrow though and have more free time as I only have one class from 1200 - 1330. Hope you got your dio finished, I took a look at the cases after my last class but didn't see it in there.

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    Love the stage curtain. The final adjustments were a big improvement.

    congrats on finishing the super hero diorama.

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    Thanks KB. Kind of rushed the super hero dio and forgot to add the old time hit sound bubbles to it but had completely forgot about them until I had turned it in to the competition.

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    Whelp, got skunked at NOVA Apparently they didn't like any of my figures so not even a finalist pin for me. Oh well, big congrats to BAM, SIK and StToad for their wins, well done gentlemen! Glad we had a chance to meet up.

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    Eki it was awesome meeting you at Nova! I’m sorry about the results, I really think you should have medaled for some of your work. Did you get a chance to ask the judges about what they thought and C&C? No matter what you should be very proud of what you e done. Personally I absolutely loved your tiny dancer piece, and the creativity for your painter was just awesome. You’ve come a long way since you picked up the brush, come out swinging next year and you’ll get the medals you deserve. And thank you btw!

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    Thanks Will. No, I didn't talk to the judges I figured they didn't care for my stuff and so there was no reason to ask them as I am really painting for myself. If it was my basing or not getting highlights/shadows in the correct spots I can probably work on that if I care to, but overall I figured it was what it was. Besides, they kept saying if you won a gold you should move up next year, I didn't win anything so logically I should be able to move down a category! Seriously though, I will just keep painting and still enter Journeyman category next year.

    And here is something I was playing around with today since there were some issues with the cast (not in the photo) I didn't bother really cleaning it up not that there was much issue with that anyway. Just some rough sketching to see if that's how I want the light to play on it or not
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    Quote Originally Posted by ekipage View Post
    Whelp, got skunked at NOVA Apparently they didn't like any of my figures so not even a finalist pin for me. Oh well, big congrats to BAM, SIK and StToad for their wins, well done gentlemen! Glad we had a chance to meet up.
    We've all been there mate, its a hard pill to swallow sometimes....looks like you're doing the right thing though and getting back on the bike straight away.

    Keep at it!

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    Thanks Hairster! Any disappointment is already gone, especially since I really considered myself probably at the upper apprentice level/lower journeyman level for the comp anyway so wasn't really surprised by the result. Also if anything my bases probably didn't help especially seeing as the six entries I had were literally the first six bases I had ever created.
    Here is a minor update on the new bust mostly messing about with inks in the shadow bits on the chest and kind of trying to figure out this nmm stuff on the visor bit (not as successful yet)
    Name:  20190903_064624.jpg
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    Looking good man!! Can’t wait to see what you can do on something this size. And inks are amazing...

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    Thanks Sik, but honestly this is a practice one as I had received another copy of it. Anyway, just playing with the inks right now to see if I like them in the shadow recesses for tones and playing with their consistency since I haven't used inks much
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