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Thread: Eki's WIPs - finally got the gumption to post something

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    Allright Enjoy the spirit of the competition.
    I’m confident you will gather motivation for the next.
    And for sure you will find some inspiration provided by
    the competitors. Have fun, that’s what the hobby is

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    Go git em !!! You got this .great job.

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    Thanks for the encouragement, but honestly I am not really expecting anything from this. It is an experiment in seeing if I actually like entering the competitions and I want to see what some of the vendors have at this show.

    That is the one thing I don't like about NOVA it is pretty much just geared towards gaming so they don't get any of the companies that produce more for just the painting/collecting side of the hobby or the paints, tools, etc. Especially considering some of the people they get to present classes you would think they would try to get some of those companies in to sell stuff to the people painting (besides GW). But.... they also don't have a lot of vendor room either

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    So, I was going to try to make a base and bring the dude with a paint brush in his hands (can't find the picture now, but he is post number 14 on the first page if you care to look), but I kind of f'ed up the clay base I was making and realized that I didn't put it on a large enough plinth. I wanted to create a landscape with a small stream, but there isn't enough room for that and the tiny easel and painting I am building so i am going to scrap that one for the upcoming show as I won't have enough time to let everything set up and get it painted now.
    Might take the female thief I did a while back though, but not sure if I should try to make a base or just put the figure on a plinth as the base already was cobblestone textured and painted

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