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Thread: Eki's WIPs - finally got the gumption to post something

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    Well, finally go the time to play with the paints again and decided to mess a little bit with the bust I had been working on (ever so slowly) and one of the Zarbags crew.
    Realized I didn't really like the all purple-ish tones to this guy so threw on some yellow and green glazes while trying to decide if I want to stick with the current color or change it up
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    And here is one of Zarbags crew that I had base coated but put down for quite a while:
    Name:  20191126_210534.jpg
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    Nice to see, that you're starting off new challenges, but where is the finished Lady?
    I just checked and there is no "finish" picture yet. So, you might have missed to share it? ;-)

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    This bust looks impressive, if you want to work with blue and purple colors, green and yellow (maybe some orange touch for the blue parts?) should agree together for nice contrasts. I'm interested to see how your project will involve .

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    I’m in love with the green skin flesh you got there recipe ?!

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    Graishak, no, you didn't miss it still not done basically just her arms and staff to do and will try to get that done this weekend. I was working 13-14 hour days the past two weeks so didn't get any painting time in and just felt like doing some lighter work on pieces I wasn't as interested in to try to finish them up some more

    Kallfa, thanks for the suggestion, I will have to try some orange on it.

    BAM, right now it is just Vallejo MC Olive Green with some SC Orkish Dermis for the orangey bits on the nose and feet. I did paint some of the Orkish dermis over the Olive green and then used a glaze of the olive green to bring the green back some more.

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    Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it! Otherwise I hope you all are having a great day!

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    Okay, in the spirit of the holiday season, I picked up the Red Gobbo for my next project (yeah, I know I still have four others that are in various stages so why do a fifth..... but then I figured, why not!)
    Anyway, I already have the idea of how I want this planned out, it is just more a matter of will it actually work
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    Yes, I am going to put him in a snow globe. The above pic is just to make sure it would actually fit inside the snow globe before committing to this plan. Now I don't know if anyone has done this before (although there is probably some one who has) but the only real concern I have is will the paint hold or get destroyed by being immersed in the water/glyceric/glitter mix. I figure I have two options apply several coats of gloss varnish and then matte varnish and hope it protects it or see if I can find an insert like a small glass dome that will fit over the figure yet still fit inside the globe and then seal that down to the base insert which would offer the most protection. I am leaning towards the first idea as I took a look around and didn't find anything readily available nearby to act as the inner dome, but am open to others suggestions or knowledge on whether the paint will get messed up immersed in water even with several coats of gloss varnish and matte varnish. Worse comes to worse, I may have discovered a new way to strip miniatures, which is totally not what I want to happen in this case

    minor update, I think what I am most afraid of is if I apply some fake snow to the base will it work with the gloss and matte varnishes or will I just mess that up and how will the water in the globe react with that stuff...
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    Liking the colour you have going on, on that bust
    My WIP thread - where the painting and rambling happens http://www.coolminiornot.com/forums/...ing-lark-again

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    Thanks Coyote, but I think I went a little heavy handed on the orange that I applied (don't have a photo yet) and I need to go back in with some of the purple....I think.
    Anyway started the Red Gobbo and really should be interesting trying to create this one with the snow globe. Not sure how I can go about the snow effect on the base if I decide to use it. The only one I currently have is GW's snow effect, but not sure how that will hold up against water and/or being varnished several times to try to make it semi water-proof. A little leary about using crushed glass for the snow (like Secret Weapons) mostly because I just really don't want to be messing with glass dust.
    So, here is where I am with the Red Gobbo at the moment (honestly don't know why I am painting the inside of the chest because it has a lid that the gobbo gets glued to and since it will be enclosed in the snow-globe no one will ever see it. But hey if it wasn't supposed to be painted they wouldn't have put the detail in there (and I really don't know why GW put the Christmas ornament details in there since it is covered up.)
    Name:  20191201_193952.jpg
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Size:  82.0 KB I need to find my silver paint for the remaining ornaments and this is just a first pass with the red on the jacket.

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    I guess if you had some mod/kitbash scenario where the inside of the chest would be visible, it would be great to see what's inside?

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    @Gorb, yeah, but the problem is that the way they designed the figure makes it so that it isn't really an option. The foot of the Gobbo has a tiny part that sticks out and slots into the top of the chest so their design is for it to be closed if you build it that way. Yeah, I could probably just get some greenstuff or miliput and fill in that small indent on the lid top, but it seems to me GW should have put the peg in the other foot as that chest is a solid piece and made it a round one instead of a bar (holy cow this explanation sounds stupid or over written - I will just put up a dang picture later to show it) but that way you could have modeled the chest with the ornaments so that the lid was positioned open

    @Hairster, thanks, just hope I can pull it off. I feel pretty good about the figure itself and the varnish protecting it from the water, but not sure about the "snow" effect from GW working that well with it. I figure the crushed glass from Secret Weapons is probably the way to go but really don't like the idea of using crushed glass (call it the paranoid scaredy cat in me)

    Anyway, here is an updated shot of the bust I have been messing about with:
    Name:  20191202_195743.jpg
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    Not really sure where I am going with this but I will keep playing with it until I screw something up or it turns out better than I expected.

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    Awesome idea with the snow globe. If it were I, I’d reserve some of the snow that will be falling in the globe to use as the snow on the base. That would unify the look, at least. If it’s too big you could hit it with the chef’s knife!
    I also like the direction you’ve gone with that bust. Super weird but cool.

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    Lolololol that’s is awesome!!! Eki what an idea!!!

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    This is an interesting development of your bust ! You warmed up your color tones nicely. And great idea about the snow globe !

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    Thanks BAM, ST and Kallfa! I think the hardest part right now is trying to find those damn fake snow pebbles (for lack of knowing what they are really called) that you find in snow globes. I am not sure if they are just Styrofoam or if they are some kind of plastic. I did find a pack of foam pellets that I am going to buy (because they are only $1.50) and see if they work, but damn everything is the plastic shreds and I don't want those! I am also not sure now how I want to treat the base of the figure. I could go with the fake snow, just paint it white, or paint it like it is muddy or grass and let the "snow" in the snow globe create the snow effect on the ground.

    @ST thanks, yeah the bust is kinda weird but I am going to let it take me where it takes me
    @Kallfa, yeah, I went a little over board with the orange glaze and it really warmed it up more than I was planning on doing. I consider the bust an experiment and just letting it happen

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    Dude looking awesome Eks. Love how you’re going with the bust keep on trucking man! Love the colors. Best way to keep learning is to remain outside of your comfort zone. It’s looking really cool so far. For the snow globe, why you could always just buy a cheap one, smash it, and strain out the flakes?

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    Thanks Sik, yeah, I did buy a snow globe to bust open in case I need it (thanks for the idea). I did find a seller on etsy that looks like they have the type of snow filler I am looking for so going to try to contact them first to make sure

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    slowly working on the jacket, just trying to get the red where I like it so working some green in the recesses and orange in the high points and then glazing some red back over top
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    ​Looking good, and maintaining the true Santa green despite your recipe.

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