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Thread: Eki's WIPs - finally got the gumption to post something

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    Hey really random question here, but how do you actually submit something to the gallery for voting? I am not putting anything up yet, but just curious for when I want to give it a go

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    Go to my pictures up in the right hand options and upload etc etc follow the steps. I totally didn’t even realize that you don’t have anything up-we must Christin you!!! Be proud put your work up be strong young warrior. Use the scoring not so much to see your score but to see if it escalates each time you post and upload. It’s a good gauge !!!

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    Joining in for the liking of this dark blue hood! Maybe this will motivate me to finish my two last gobos

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    BAM, thanks for the info on uploading pic. To be honest, I am not overly concerned with scores and I have been working on learning to paint before really diving into the baseing part so I feel I didn't have anything really completed that would be worth it to put up for votes. But I figure it might get a few other people to look at it and kind of figure out where one sits.

    Arkaan, thanks for liking the blue it was kind of simple but I liked how it turned out (was actually a little nervous when I first started it to be honest).

    If you notice they all have some part that is a different color (not counting the squiqs) as I am going off of military branch colors on some of them. Archers=red for artillery, chainball guy= dark blue for chemical, the one in armor I will probably do something in light blue for infantry but I just haven't gotten around to really starting him (only base coated and I think the skin is started) so no pic yet.

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    You have a healthy attitude toward CMoN. Kudos!

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    Uncle BaM detected... I checked, indeed - you gotta upload some of your cool stuff :-)
    If I'm looking for inspiration for something I always browse through the CMON database.
    I'm confident your work will inspire others.

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    very nice work ekipage I could never do all this great small scale stuff.

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    I will Graishak, I think it will be Zarbag and his gitz when I am done with them for the first one. I basically never posted before because I was on here a long time before I even decided to paint again and while looking at some of the scores people got seemed a bit ridiculous to me and I realized that there were people either low-balling scores intentionally for what ever reason or people not changing it from the default "6" score. So for that fact posting a finished figure up for scoring never really seemed all that important to me. I would rather have people see it in a wip thread and tell me what is wrong or what I might be able to do differently is more important to me than if someone else likes my figure or not. I will post one but mostly just to see if there are other comments and not caring what the score it. Actually, I have an idea for a quick base for the Necromancer I did a little while ago and may post that one up this weekend if I can.

    Thanks CPTDanielSan
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    sorry been kind of slow here lately.. not much painting between work and my back bothering me. Hope to have some stuff up later this week though

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    Great work on the gitz so far... all is looking really good, you’ve got some nice texture painted onto the robes.

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    thanks CC, the only ones I don't care for at the moment are the squiqs. I just don't know if I like the colors I have went with (especially for the orange one)

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    Great job man. You do a very good job of adding character to your models and accenting features to draw attention to the right parts of the model. Awesome!

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    Thanks Stephan. That is probably more due to luck than skill at this point though, and looking at a lot of other peoples stuff and what not and kind of copying, but mostly just collecting the information to see which bits and pieces of knowledge I am capable of achieving right now. For instance, I am crap at the smooth blending you see from some of these people on here and I probably have a better chance of winning the lottery than getting a good NMM at the moment.

    Here is a minor update (and yeah I am still working on zarbags crew...)
    Name:  20190210_103659.jpg
Views: 306
Size:  108.0 KBWasn't happy with the green, then purple lips. I think I like these blue ones though
    Name:  20190210_103514.jpg
Views: 305
Size:  107.8 KBName:  20190210_103543.jpg
Views: 306
Size:  103.1 KB

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    I really like that orange on the squig. That’s a cool color for them. Never much cared for them usually being red. Coming along nicely though!

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    @STephanW0lf, then you won't like the other squiq I have (hint it's red)

    Okay, so it has been a little while since I posted pics. Was sick and the damn cough wouldn't go away so I was kinda nervous to paint during that time and then I just kind of couldn't psyche myself to jump back into the gitz (which is bad, because all I really have left is some of the smaller details on most of them....Anyway, decided to pick this one up again to make a dio with the other superhero figure I painted (a few pages back)
    Name:  20190318_201646.jpg
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Size:  92.6 KB

    Kind of bummed the spider on her chest is kind of messed up on the right side (as you look at it) since the last set of legs kind of blend together. Might see if I can fix it or it will just be a learning piece
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    Really good to see you back, Eki! I've been away for a bit as well and we've both gotta keep at it. I love your superhero work so I'm glad to see you working on another sculpt. You might push the highlights even further in places as spandex can be quite shiny/reflective but even if you decide not to, she looks great. Who makes these sculpts? I'd be tempted to give one a try since I enjoy superheroes quite a bit. Keep the updates coming!

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    Thanks Kuribo, looking forward to seeing what you post again as well. But yeah, finally getting back in after a little break, but I will tell you I didn't want to try to paint anything with that damn cough and that didn't go away for about 3 weeks. As for the superhero figures, they are both by Reaper (50212 - Incredible Woman and 50219 - Blood Widow). Reaper has a few other Superhero figs and they are all in the Chronoscope section for figures https://www.reapermini.com/Miniature...e/latest/page9

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    played around with the superhero figure some more. Might need to get some light correction (these are just cell phone pics after all) because the shadows don't look as good in the pics as they seem to me in real life
    .Name:  20190323_210059.jpg
Views: 202
Size:  77.3 KBName:  20190323_210127.jpg
Views: 201
Size:  81.3 KBName:  20190323_210300.jpg
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    Default Great Lil sculpt

    You’ve painted up her with quite s but of character . Gr8ness

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    That hair has a ton of life. Looking good.

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