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Thread: Eki's WIPs - finally got the gumption to post something

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    Quote Originally Posted by ekipage View Post
    @Gorb, yeah that probably would help. I think the issue I have is that when I see the figure with just my eyes it looks a bit better to me than when I see all the "perceived" issues when it is as large as it is on the screen of my computer. For instance, I think this photo looks a little better: [...]

    But then I see the photo above and all I see are some poor blends and stark color lines Maybe NMM just isn't my thing Even though i will probably do it at least a few more times to see if I like it or not.
    You are not alone mate, everyone I know (except maybe for BaM ) has this problem: my models will look good through my head magnifier, but then I take a photo and WHAM they look like crap. Some people use this effect to their advantage though, by taking photos every time they sit down to paint and checking what needs to be done using the photos, instead of on the mini itself. I'm too lazy, but I think this approach can help.

    I think your NMM looks great, and I really don't want you to give up now! Just check out how much @codenamezero's work has improved over the last year or so. I reckon you are in the same league as he is, all you need is another couple of minis and it will be super smooth.

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    @Graishak, thanks, and yeah, I know there are still bits to do. I am not really sure what color I wan to do the boots yet.
    @Gorb, oh, not gonna quit, but it is a bit more frustrating to try for the nmm

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    Spent a little time last night adding to the vials and medallions (what ever they are supposed to be) around her waist and just wanted to get a shot of the top of her head in there
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    Not sure why some of the pics came out a bit darker though. Will have to play with camera settings it appears
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    Wow nice ekipage, really love that cape and those colors.

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    Thanks Clouds! Should have some more photos up today as I ever so slowly chip away at her.

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    So I am considering her main body bit finished (except for boots and bracers on arms because I am not sure what color I want them to be yet) and finally started her weapons
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    Wow that marble look on the staff is really nice.

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    This developed to a very high level!!! You're increasing excitment to see it finished :-)

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    Thanks clouds and Graishak. Having a slight problem right now that is just taking extra time, those partial coverings on her hands (painted black right now) have these tiny little lines that go out to rings on her finger (you can see it in the above photo on the staff hand) and I just can't seem to get those dang lines to the rings painted without messing up her hands at the moment.

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    nice to return back after a bit a of a break from here and see this one develop further. she is coming on grand
    My WIP thread - where the painting and rambling happens http://www.coolminiornot.com/forums/...ing-lark-again

    My Instagram - where I post pictures every now and again https://www.instagram.com/coyotepaints/

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    This is looking awesome ekipage! Good luck with the rings on her hands, I hope you work it out - because I would love to see the whole thing come together!

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    Thanks CB, Hairster and Gorb. Yeah, I am really happy with how the dress/robes bit turned out. Now it just seems some of the fiddly little bits I have to tackle

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    Maybe lean in to the challenge you’re facing with the fiddly ring lines. Often when I’m painting eyes I just paint them without worrying (too much) about spilling over onto the lids, knowing that I’ll go back in and cover the overspill up. That way, when you tighten it back up again you only need to worry about keeping a single margin clean. Perhaps that makes sense. Project’s looking good!

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    Thanks ST. I think the problem was that I didn't even notice them at first and it wasn't until I put the flesh base coat on when I finally realized they were there so it was a bit of a surprise. But yeah, your method should work for me thanks.

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    Okay, decided to leave the boots black, but playing with some green on them and finally got the hand coverings where I am mostly happy with them. Also got a little more work done on the staff (mostly the GS at the top)
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    Beautiful work eki- almost there keep trucking forward.

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    Love that subtle green on the boots, I think you nailed it!

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    Thanks BAMM and Gorb. Yeah, pretty close to done, just the jewels on the knife and staff and some of the finial bits on the staff and the bracers on her arms (which I will probably give the green treatment to since I do like the boots)

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    Need a little help (or some suggestions). I have been looking at the last photo of the GSC lady I put up and there is something about the shoulders area I don't quite like and I would like some suggestions/thoughts on what some of you might think will make it look better. I am not sure if it is just because the shoulders are too pale or if the cowl piece needs a little something more to separate it from the shoulders....
    Here is what I am talking about:
    Name:  20200201_214012edit.jpg
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    Any thoughts, suggestions or critiques would be appreciated

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