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Thread: Eki's WIPs - finally got the gumption to post something

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    Amazing, extremely nice textures and very nice clean tidy highlighting, allround extremely good looking.
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    Thanks Clouds, although I am still trying to learn this stuff so glad to hear you like it!
    Thanks Gorb, working on it
    Okay, messing around with trying to get the white highlights on the gold bits as Arkaan recommended (photo is a little too dark and I did muck up a spot or two) but here is what I have so far
    Name:  20200213_210400.jpg
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    You’re not messing. She looks really good!

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    Thanks Graishak!
    So, I think I have finished basing the Infinity Figure I did. The sand texture is still wet so it doesn't look that great, but I will post photos tomorrow when it is dried. Going to try to take it down to a small contest tomorrow.
    Name:  20200214_215356.jpg
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    Mental note, tape or mask off base next time so I don't get the run over

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    Well, one of the pieces I brought did take an award, just not the one above! They were only running four categories and only awarded 1st place award and then a Best in Show. One of my other figures just missed out on the Best in Show. There were some really good entries, but it was pretty small (maybe around 15 or so entries). I think I am going to redo the base for this figure though as I realized that the sand effect texture I used from AK Interactive didn't set up quite right on the parts outside the base. I think that if it is applied to thick it doesn't give the same consistency/texture as the thinner layer I used on the figure base part.

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    Congrats ekipage! Always good to get a win out of it, a little wind in your sails
    I think that Infinity girl looks great, I like the base you put her on.

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    well done on the win.

    The infinity model looks great. nice colour palette and good contrast
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    Thanks Gorb and CB, yeah was a little surprised she didn't win for the fantasy figure. Surprisingly I won with the Painter guy I posted back several months ago as it apparently was the best of the few dioramas that were entered. I also received a perfect score for the female necromancer (lost out on judges decision since there was another perfect score and they were only giving out first places) and just missed out a perfect score on the second Malifaux figure (based on their comments this one would have one but for the base) I did (these two):
    Name:  20200217_101924.jpg
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Size:  101.4 KBName:  20190820_173835.jpg
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Size:  68.5 KB They said the only reason I didn't get a perfect score for the Malifaux figure was because of the damage to the base (yeah I broke the one edge and didn't have time to properly fix it before the show, so just glued it back on)

    Anyway, here is a better shot of the Infinity figure with the sand all dried up
    Name:  20200217_101535.jpg
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Size:  125.1 KB I don't quite like it on the outside areas as much as within the actual figure base. I think having to apply it a little thicker it doesn't give the textured look on the outside as much. Will just have to use it a little more carefully next time I use it.

    And I decided to play around with some other basing materials (a la St Toad) and see what I can do
    Name:  20200217_101356.jpg
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    I think I need to figure out how to use the moss a little better though
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    Hey! Congratulations on your good showing in the competition. Always good to get that feedback, too.
    Eager to see what you cook up with that base. I’d suggest you figure a way to get some variation in the elevation before you get too far down the road with it.

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    Great job EKS- great job indeed!!!

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    Don’t worry about not having won the award.
    Based on your progress I see awards in your future.
    And take the damaged base as a lesson learned.

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    Thanks ST, BAM and Graishak, I totally appreciate the support!

    ST, I am just playing with this, will probably build a few so not totally worried about not getting height on this one yet as I am treating it more as a learning process and see what works/doesn't work and building from there. Basically I have not really built many (read about 5) bases so this is more like experimenting with different materials than I have used to see how it goes. But really appreciate the feedback on this current one.

    Graishak, oh I am not really upset about the damaged base, that was my fault from the start, I should have just done a smaller version of the wood floor like I did for the first Malifaux figure I painted up (if you all remember her). I did learn that when using clay that is that fragile after drying (remember that base was just air-dry clay from Crayola) that I definitely should not extend over the base itself, which this one did to my detriment.
    Here is the one that did win Best of Show:
    Name:  20200215_164156.jpg
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Size:  77.0 KB I thought it was an amazing piece (sorry for the crap photo) and totally deserved the Best of Show award. I think it is about 90mm sized or so
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    IDE need to see it better atm it looks a bit flat for my taste- sometimes larger pieces get away with casting natural shadows etc.again losing because of a technicality is NEVER losing

    im going in the next few days take you in an in depth yet easy way to create moss- the materials to get etc. what you have there is called LICHEN-it’s the onevegetatiin I Never Use it’s toogaudy and doesn’t look like anything but seaweed that got scared straight !!! Lol.

    Hang tight and I’ll get the sbs over to you- give me your email. I’ll work with you on whatever you like.
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    That was my actual only critique of the large figure (the pants and jacket didn't really seem to have any shading or highlights), but the skin actually looked really good. I had to use a flash because of the lighting so the skin is washed out.

    Thanks BAM, sending you a PM now!

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    Okay, got a little more refinement on the Genestealer Cult lady, added some more white to the highlight area on the NMM gold like in Arkaan's example and going over the skin markings on the shoulders and leg
    Name:  20200217_213854.jpg
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Size:  84.3 KBI think I am a bit happier with how she looks now (whoops,disregard that purple on the left side, in photo, of her collar ring as I noticed I missed a spot on her neck line. That purple has been fixed after this shot)
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    Looks good ekipage! I really love the black boots and gloves with the green sheen, kinda reminds me of the skin of an Alien.

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    That gold looks really great and shiny now ^_^

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    Thanks Gorb!

    Thanks Arkaan and really appreciate the painting tip for that! I think I need to hit some of the bits around the waist a little more, but otherwise pretty happy with the gold for my first try on so much area.
    I tried it before (to some rather lack luster results) but in much smaller areas

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    Okay, so I think I am like 99.5% done with the GSC lady, I just need to figure out what I want to do with the damn knife. Not sure if I want to paint the little ovals like they are gems or just treat them as power nodes and try to give them a glow effect (right now I have them painted green, yellow and blue) but I don't really feel like doing them as gems but not sure if that is the better choice.....
    Name:  20200221_215449.jpg
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    Okay, so I decided that I am going with more of a power effect than gems for those small bits on the blade.
    Here's the initial work
    Name:  20200223_171807.jpg
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    I am also playing around with these two bases just for the practice and to compare which materials I prefer to use
    Name:  20200223_152829.jpg
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