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Thread: Eki's WIPs - finally got the gumption to post something

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    Haha he looks like he's trying to show off to her and she's like meh not interested bud. Great job so far.

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    Haha, thanks CPTDanielSan! I just might have to put both of these on the same base even though they don't go together. Maybe title it "I shoved a metal pipe in this guys chest and killed him. Now I am leaping from it, why won't you love me?" Title is a little wordy though so not sure...

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    Okay, back to some actual work on the little lady again. Sorry about the pics (I think one is a little too bright) and I need to touch up the one eye at least because I jacked it up trying to paint the pupil. Anyway I decided to try a little freehand flowers on the bottom of the dress and see how that looked
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    Flowers look very nice!

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    Looking good... the freehand is great

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    Don't worry about the eye man easy fix for you! And the freehand flowers really work really nice touch.

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    Thanks all! I feel the flowers are fairly rudimentary but I haven't really done much freehand so I am happy with them. But it is something I will need to work on. Other than that I started glazing in some of the shadows on the dress (mostly happy, but I didn't get the glaze right at first so I had some tide lines which I think I was mostly able to correct) and reworked the hair a little. Also working on some highlights and tried to do that right eye (which I am still not happy with). So here she is in her present state:
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    The whole mini is looking great, except the eyes.
    To me personally the right one fits better than the left.
    Maybe you could add some “makeup”? Purplish would fit?

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    Thanks Graishak, and yeah, I am not done with the face by any means, still have to put on an eyebrow, need to do the lips, and probably some red glaze to the cheeks. But yeah, will definitely add some eye shadow. Honestly the eyes were the one thing I didn't like about the figure. The left one (right in the picture) was so big and the other one is almost non-existent, like she has her eye wide open on one side and squinting on the other. That and I still am not happy as the pupils are too different and will probably re-work that right (left in pic) eye again.

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    Okay, some updates on the figure (although I am still not happy with the eyes). So mostly just some final highlights and then the tiara/whatever it is in the hair and those little clasps/medallions on the front. And probably re-working the eyes
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    Its looking really great eki what can i say except that freehand on her lower dress is stunning. The hairs great too. Tighten up those eye pupils and you are onto a winner.

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    Even if you're still not happy with the eyes, those improved a lot :-)

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    Thanks CPTDan and Graishak. Well, I got her eye fixed (or at least where I am happy enough with it). So just the small tabs on the front and the hair piece thing to finish up and I will call her done.
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    In the meantime I decided to start on this figure that I found as I am starting to reorganize my stuff.
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    Game, set and match :-)
    You resolved the eye issue professionally!

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    Great stuff man!! Hope you’ve been doing well. I love the colors on her, the dress, and the flowers. Are the eyes sculpted on? They look awfully low and I think that’s why they look a little off. Sometimes it can be beneficial to ignore the sculpt (if they are that low) and paint the details where you want them. If you’re still willing to mess with it I would move them up, like the bottom of the new eye against the top of where they are now if that makes sense. Leave the eye shadow, and paint the eyes over it. It’ll make the eye shadow area look smaller and much more natural.

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    Thanks Graishak.
    Sik, thanks for the feedback. Yeah the eyes are sclupted in and seem a little wonky on this figure, but it doesn't help that the head is tilted and then the hair is partially covering the left eye (in photo) so it looks even smaller. I need to get up another photo as I did remove some of the eye shadow and it helped some. I really am considering just doing a band or something across the eyes so it doesn't look as "off". But I mean if you look a the whole sculpt it would be a very uncomfortable position to be in, the legs look like they lean one way and then the torso is leaning the other way and then the head is leaning so it is like an "S-shape". Who the heck would lean like that???

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    Really great eki! You gave the eyes a great treatment and she's looking great.

    As for the next figure ( whoa) that's a lot of exposed skin ha. My worst nightmare, will check back to see how you do it.

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    Ha, thanks CPTDan! And yeah, kind of intimidating for me as I have not tried to paint a darker skin tone before so this is kind of a learn as you go. Hopefully I will be able to do it some justice.

    Okay, question for those of you with more experience than me. What is the best way to fix pieces of a resin figure that are bent (see pic below)? I am lining a figure up next in the paint queue and need to fix the barrel of the rifle which droops a bit. Is it just using a hair dryer to soften up the resin until you can bend it? Do I need to cool it down rapidly (put it in cool water or ice) after reshaping? Or is it put in warm/hot water and reshape?
    Here is the piece I am going to be working on:
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    I had a reaper wizard turn up that I ordered and his staff was completely bent out of shape eki. I don't know if all resin works the same but I was advised to immerse it in boiling water for a couple of minutes. Then reshape the staff straight and then set it in place in very cold ice water for the same time. This worked very well.


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